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Low Cost & Flat Fee Recruitment 

We are the UK’s leading flat fee recruiter. We help companies transform their recruitment process into a more cost effective model.

We connect companies to candidates by providing transparent fixed cost recruitment services that allow our clients to choose which services are best suited for their business thus helping them to take control of and drive their recruitment.

Our intuitive recruitment model has been devised to support the HR functions of companies and we are equally able to successfully deliver when working with in-house recruitment teams and line management.

Our search services cover social media networks and CV databases enabling you to recruit both actively and passively looking candidates who may have highly sought after skills.

By working with us you have access to over 20 million candidates; we connect with these candidates using new technologies and recruitment techniques allowing our clients to target, interview and engage with the best candidates.

Our approach is delivery focused and our client’s trust is due to our commitment to exceeding service level agreements for each search, demonstrating how we consistently outperform traditional recruitment companies.

Our business model has evolved from the services that executive search companies provide. These include assistance in writing job descriptions, comprehensive market intelligence, market mapping, long lists, specific information on each candidate and qualification through each stage of the process.

As with our Job Board Advertisement solution, our clients benefit from being able to recruit as many candidates from the assignment as required, with the added benefit of being able to revisit and engage with candidates from previous searches within one flat fee.

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“We used Hiring People to support us with an E-Learning position. They provided a long list of targeted profiles which were of excellent quality. After selecting the profiles we were interested in, Hiring People made approaches on our behalf. A shortlist of interested candidates was then resubmitted to us with comprehensive notes on each profile. Not only was the service extremely good value, we now have a valuable database of candidates which we can engage with for future recruitment at no additional cost”.
Alaise Johnson – Daily Mirror – Recruitment & Resourcing Manager

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