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10 Tips From Business Leaders

For a quick dose of inspiration and focus, read these 10 Business Success Tips to get you back on track and in the groove. I just sent these off to my Profitable Essence Mastermind group who are embarking on a 12-month revenue building adventure with me as their mentor. All of my Mastermind clients are experts in their fields, highly creative, and ready to make this an incredible year. Please share this post – your network will thank you for the reminders of what’s behind a successful business.

  1. Stay Focused On Revenue Building Activities

I have nothing against chasing after bright shiny objects just as long as they can monetise, open up new opportunities, and enhance your credibility. Whatever you’re doing, you must understand how it’s related to the bottom line. Whether it’s buying an information product, signing up with a mentor, or attending a live event, make sure you understand where the opportunities are.

  1. Pick An Area You’ll Become An Expert In This Year And Use That To Build Revenue In Your Business

Aside from your bread and butter expertise, it’s important to sharpen your revenue building skills in areas that can benefit you, your business, and your clients. Learn how to write killer web copy, get comfortable with selling, master follow-up, become a networking wiz, find something to develop to a mastery level and, of course, keep it connected to revenue building.

  1. Understand The Ebb And Flow Of Your Energy, Creativity, And Connection To Your Talents

Some months you’re hot, other months you’re not. That’s OK. You won’t stay stuck forever if you find yourself there. I’m on fire with creativity in spring and summer, then I hibernate in the winter. I know that about myself and can plan my business accordingly. Understand your seasonal high points and tap into your peak times for big launches.

  1. Celebrate Others’ Successes

Ever get emails from someone announcing their big success and you just seethe with envy? Well, quit it. It’s not serving you in any way. There’s a win for you in other people’s successes if you look closely enough!

  1. Celebrate Your Own Successes!

I hear from a lot of people that they’re uncomfortable celebrating their own successes because they were taught not to brag. Here’s a great workaround: celebrate your success by sharing client success stories. Make sure you include how your mentoring, coaching, consulting, etc helped in this client’s success.

  1. Take Leadership!

As the owner of your business, you are the leader. Even if you’re working with a mentor or just starting out, you’re the leader and don’t need anyone’s permission to take action. Get feedback from colleagues or friends, but ultimately the decisions are yours.

  1. Stretch Yourself – Try New Things

As soon as you feel you’ve achieved mastery in something, it’s time to stretch and learn something new. It keeps your brain sharp and your creativity on fire.

  1. Maintain A Positive Attitude

I don’t need to elaborate on this one, but what helps me the most is to focus on gratitude.

  1. Ask For Help When You Need It

When someone called me “Little Miss I Can Do It All”, I knew it was time to examine my ability to ask for help. During a personal crisis, asking for help was the only option I had. By reaching out, my clients got rock star treatment from some of the top names in our industry as they came to bat for me and filled in. Guest blog posts poured in and I was able to focus on the challenges at home.

  1. Tend To Your Personal Needs: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, And Psychological

You’re better equipped to focus on revenue building activities when your human needs are taken care of. As a leader and a decision maker, you can’t afford to neglect your emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological needs.

Let these tips serve as a beacon for your business success. You’ll make more money, have staying power, and make the impact on the world you’re destined to make.

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