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Bar And Restaurant Job Descriptions

Bar And Restaurant Job Descriptions

The variety of bar and restaurant jobs is quite remarkable. This puts recruiters and employers in a position where they need to attract candidates with many different skills and levels of experience. At the top, we see managers, leaders, and marketers. At entry-level, we see waiters, waitresses, and kitchen porters. At the heart of every hospitality business are those who have unique or trained skills, such as baristas, bartenders, and chefs.

You might need individuals prepared to work unusual shift patterns, including evenings and weekends. The right candidate may be upbeat and expressive, thoroughly professional, or a natural-born leader or organiser.

Getting your job description right is vital if you are on the hunt for skilled, experienced, or highly motivated employees. We recommend using a job description template to get your basic framework in place. You can add more specific detail to these to reflect the needs or whims of your bar or restaurant.

Barista Job Description

Baristas are responsible for making and serving drinks such as tea and coffee. They make beverages and package specialist blends of coffee, explain menu items including sandwiches and snacks and ensure customers have everything they need. 

Barista job description example:

We are recruiting an enthusiastic and courteous Barista to ensure our customers have an excellent experience when visiting our coffee shop. You will assist customers with enquiries, take orders, handle payments and prepare food and drinks for clientele.

We expect you to create attractive food displays, keep a clean and well-stocked space and maintain up-to-date knowledge on the latest preparation methods, quality controls, and beverage trends.

To succeed in this role, you will need a positive and friendly attitude, be able to handle busy periods, and commit to delivering the best possible customer experience.

Bartender Job Description

Bartenders are responsible for taking drinks orders, planning drink menus, and promoting new items to customers. They mix drinks, serve customers, handle payments and ensure all patrons are of the legal age to purchase alcoholic beverages.

Bartender job description example:

Our organisation is seeking a Bartender with a passion for delivering a fantastic customer experience. Duties include serving classic mixed drinks, creating exciting new cocktails, and promoting menu items to our customers. You will answer questions, prepare and serve food and beverages and upsell items.

We expect you to handle basic cleaning tasks, maintain a tidy and safe environment, greet customers to ascertain their preferences, and produce items to match their requirements.

Our ideal candidate has a friendly and outgoing personality, is knowledgeable of classic drinks, and has a creative flair for producing new beverages that will attract customers.

Waiter Job Description

Waiters are responsible for taking food and drinks orders and delivering ready orders to tables. They greet customers, hand out menus, make recommendations and ensure that customers are satisfied with their dining experience.

Waiter job description example:

We are searching for a Waiter to help our restaurant clientele by providing a high level of customer service. You will welcome customers to the restaurant, escort them to their table and hand out menus. Duties include making food recommendations, delivering meals and drinks to tables, and handling payments.

We expect you to ensure customers are satisfied with their dining experience, handle complaints, and prepare bills for tables.

To be successful in this role, you will need to be physically fit and have the endurance to stand for long shifts. You will need to anticipate customer needs and have a friendly and professional attitude at all times.

Chef Job Description

A Chef is responsible for managing the food preparation process within the restaurant kitchen. They design the menu, manage kitchen staff and ensure all items are prepared to the highest quality before leaving the kitchen and going to the customer.

Chef job description example:

We are looking for a Chef to lead our kitchen as part of our culinary team. You will be responsible for preparing ingredients, designing seasonal menu items, and cooking dishes from our menu. Duties include setting up the kitchen, preparing the team for service, and ensuring all ingredients are fresh and in-date.

We expect you to follow health and safety guidelines, work to the highest levels of hygiene and ensure all processes in the kitchen run smoothly.

To succeed as a Chef, you will need extensive experience working in a commercial kitchen, be able to prepare meals in a high-pressure environment, and possess a creative flair with knowledge of the latest food trends.

Kitchen Porter Job Description

Kitchen Porters are responsible for ensuring essential cleaning duties are completed promptly. They collect and wash pots and pans, clear and clean plates and cutlery, and make sure there are enough clean dishes and utensils for each dinner service.

Kitchen Porter job description example:

Our restaurant is recruiting a Kitchen Porter to work as part of our kitchen team. Your duties will include preparing food basics for menu items, unloading and storing restaurant deliveries, and cleaning the kitchen area. You will wash pots and pans and keep the food storage areas organised and clean.

We expect you to carry out various cleaning duties, including mopping floors, emptying bins, and cleaning down cooking appliances and the kitchen area.

Our ideal candidate is physically fit, able to work under pressure and works to the highest safety and kitchen hygiene standards.

Sous Chef Job Description

A Sous Chef acts as the second to the Head Chef as part of a culinary team. They are responsible for assisting the Head Chef in creating dishes, overseeing food stock, and managing the kitchen team. 

Sous Chef job description example:

Our organisation is seeking a Sous Chef to join our kitchen staff. You will work with the Head Chef to create dishes based on customer trends and seasonal ingredients, ensure the kitchen runs efficiently, provide support to junior kitchen team members, and resolve customer issues.

We expect you to participate in employee recruitment and training, menu creation, and management of the team, including drawing up schedules and evaluating employee performance.

To be successful as a Sous Chef, you will need excellent communication and interpersonal skills and extensive knowledge of food industry methods and restaurant trends.

Restaurant Manager Job Description

Restaurant Managers oversee the running of a restaurant, including staff procurement, stock ordering, and financial management. They help create and edit menus, keep a record of restaurant income and expenses and ensure there is enough staff to cover busy periods.

Restaurant Manager job description example:

Our company is recruiting a highly-organised Restaurant Manager to oversee the operations of our restaurant. You will be responsible for recruiting and training staff, working with the kitchen team to develop the menu, and recording income and expenses.

We expect you to manage the team to ensure the highest levels of customer service, open and close down the restaurant each day and ensure staff members are available for their required shifts.

Our ideal Restaurant Manager will have a degree in business management, experience running a restaurant, and excellent communication skills.

Bar Manager Job Description

Bar Managers oversee the operations of a bar, including managing resources, maintaining staff levels, and ensuring a safe and clean environment for customers.

Bar Manager job description example:

Our company is recruiting a Bar Manager to oversee the daily operations of our bar. Your duties will include hiring and training staff, ensuring customers receive excellent service, and managing inventory. You will also need to ensure that staff levels are adequate to cover busy times and promote activities to maximise profits.

We expect you to plan promotional events, follow safety and quality controls and be able to work in a fast-paced environment, and tackle any tense situations and customer complaints.

Our ideal candidate will have lots of energy, an outgoing personality, and communicate with a diverse range of people.

Bar Staff Job Description

Bar Staff prepare drinks orders and take food orders from customers. They greet patrons, make drinks recommendations and prepare and serve beverages.

Bar Staff job description example:

We are recruiting Bar Staff to serve beverages to our customers. You will prepare alcoholic and other types of drinks, take payments, and serve snacks. Other duties include reconciling the till and the end of each shift, ensuring enough clean glasses and utensils, and delivering excellent customer service.

We expect you to greet customers when they arrive, determine their needs and make drink and food recommendations to fit their requirements. You will also re-stock the bar, take food orders for the kitchen and handle customer complaints.

To succeed in this role, you will need knowledge of mixed drinks, a polite and professional manner, and be able to work under pressure.

Kitchen Assistant Job Description

A Kitchen Assistant works with other members of the culinary team to prepare food. They carry out cleaning duties, prepare food items and ensure food inventory is maintained.

Kitchen Assistant job description example:

Our busy restaurant is seeking a Kitchen Assistant to work with our culinary team. Duties will include washing utensils, pots and pans, and food preparation. You will be responsible for organising the fridges, emptying rubbish bins and maintaining a clean and sanitary environment.

We expect you to be able to stand for long shifts, follow health and safety practices and work within a dynamic team in a high-pressure environment.

Our perfect candidate will have previous kitchen experience, excellent communication skills, and extensive knowledge of food preparation and food hygiene standards.

Chef De Partie Job Description

A Chef de Partie is responsible for a particular part of the restaurant kitchen. They report to the Sous Chef or Head Chef and oversee the preparation and cooking of dishes related to their specific section. 

Chef De Partie job description example:

Our restaurant is seeking a highly motivated and creative Chef de Partie to form part of our kitchen team. Your duties will include overseeing your section of the kitchen line, collaborating with the Head Chef to create new dishes, and ensuring cooking stations are adequately stocked.

We expect you to order and maintain food stock levels, train and supervise junior team members and ensure all activities are carried out to the highest safety and hygiene standards.

The ideal candidate will have previous kitchen experience, extensive food preparation knowledge, and superb communication skills.

Waitress Job Description

Waitresses are responsible for serving customers in a restaurant. They greet clientele, direct them to their seats and make menu recommendations. A Waitress delivers orders to the kitchen and provides food and drinks to diners.

Waitress job description example:

Our restaurant is looking for a Waitress to join our busy team. As a Waitress, you will be responsible for greeting customers upon arrival, taking food and drinks orders, and serving customers. You will ensure guest satisfaction, provide recommendations and handle payments.

We expect you to communicate effectively with the kitchen, ensure food items are delivered promptly to patrons, and provide high levels of customer service at all times. 

Our ideal candidate will have previous serving experience, a friendly and professional attitude, and enjoy working in a high-pressure environment.

Bar Supervisor Job Description

A Bar Supervisor is responsible for overseeing staff and business activities in a bar. They recruit staff, train new team members, manage bar inventory, and plan promotional events and activities.

Bar Supervisor job description example:

Our establishment is recruiting a Bar Supervisor to handle operations within the bar area. You will manage budgets, record expenses, and manage stock. Duties include marketing promotional events, hiring and training staff, and ensuring hygiene and safety standards.

We expect you to motivate the team, drive sales and oversee the opening and closing procedures for the bar each day. You must be ready to work evenings and weekends and have knowledge of POS systems.

Our ideal candidate has excellent communication and interpersonal skills, previous leadership experience, and the ability to maintain standards while working under pressure.

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Bar And Restaurant Job Descriptions

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