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The Big Brother Candidate Approach

Marketing technology moves too quickly to keep up with in an ever-changing landscape, but how is it affecting your industry?

In the recruitment industry, we are seeing technology change almost daily. New companies are constantly evolving, offering us something different with new solutions or products that help us work more efficiently.

What if someone asked you about lead generation software; would you know how it could help you?

Lead Generation Software

Until recently I didn’t, but by using lead generation software you can manage your time better and identify candidates who are passively interested and who might just need a bit more nurturing to ‘convert’ to a qualified candidate.

I was at an exhibition and was lucky enough to speak with someone who gave me a few very helpful pointers.

Most recruiters wouldn’t use lead generation software to follow-up on candidates who are looking at job vacancies but actually, it is straight forward and will help you manage your time better and focus on ‘convertible’ candidates.

Companies like Lead Forensics can help you turn online candidate traffic into prospective candidates; it does this by revealing the identity of your anonymous website traffic, helping you to target the best suited candidates.

You have to be careful though; imagine the awkwardness of the conversation when calling a company and trying to find out which sales person it was from their company that was looking at your career page!

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However, if you work with lead generation software carefully, you could engage with ideal candidates who have initially been identified via lead generation software.

This is how it works:

  • The company using lead generation software identifies the business that was viewing their website.
  • They go on to LinkedIn and view the business profile page & their employees.
  • At this point, the identity of the potential candidate can be made.
  • A message via Social Media is sent – effectively headhunting them for their requirement.
  • As far as the candidate is aware, the approach has nothing to do with their website visit and their current employer knows nothing about it.
  • By taking this approach you can identify ‘warm’ candidates who may not have sent their CV in. In a competitive market, it is our job to earn the audience to help our company or clients recruit the best talent available.

This method isn’t for everyone, but understanding which candidates are looking at your job descriptions definitely gives you a great vantage point when sourcing candidates who are passively looking.

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