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Care Providers Short Of Staff, How Will They Cope?

Care providers short of staff, how will they cope?

With coronavirus spreading throughout the UK, there are increasing pressures on care providers to recruit and train staff to care for the elderly and vulnerable.

NHS England are moving towards discharging ‘medically fit’ long-term patients in order to free up 15,000 hospital beds.  Many of these former patients will need care within the community.

With more people to care for and the risk of losing staff to the virus, some companies could be overwhelmed; according to UKHCA (UK Homecare Association).

The majority of care agencies currently recruit in house; either directly with job sites such as, or through online job advertising agencies who will advertise their vacancies across a wider network of sites. 

With the increased demand for care workers and limited staff resources to shortlist and interview candidates, some care agencies could turn to recruitment agencies; which can, of course, be very expensive.

To alleviate the pressures on office staff within the care providers, who are usually tasked with trawling through applications, arranging interviews and training; there is alternate support available through fixed cost recruitment services.  This is a substantially more cost-effective option whereby support can be provided throughout the entire recruitment process.  Moreover, the care providers will not be burdened with high fees.

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