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President Trump To Take Over The Iraqi Oil Fields?

President Trump To Take Over The Iraqi Oil Fields?

After arriving at work this morning, I pondered on what juicy content I could blog about Trump. If only there was a copy of Trump’s CV online which could make for a good read…. 

So, without hesitation, I searched on Google and was presented with several links to his CV. Well it didn’t disappoint!

 “All of the women on The Apprentice flirted with me — consciously or unconsciously. That’s to be expected.”

I wonder how Trump will cope when appointing his team to the White House? No doubt there will be cat fights between female senators for his affection…

Well, what does Trump’s CV mean to “you folks” who may be looking to move up the career ladder? It is clear to me that getting your message across can, in some cases “trump” the experience you have carefully and thoughtfully articulated throughout your CV. This has clearly been proven in the application process for the biggest job in the world!

Research your target audience (the employers) and tap into the challenges that they face ahead. What is important to them (as individuals as well as a company) and how are you going to make a difference? Adopt a rhetoric which appeals to them, this is key!

I appreciate that the citizens of America differ from your potential employer, but the concept also applies.

So, job seekers how do you get your message across? Employers, how do you get to see the real candidate, not just what is in their CV?

Job seekers, in the modern age, you have many more ways to market yourself. Why not use the power of social media and video to get your message across?

This goes for employers too; there are plenty of highly cost-effective ways to offer “Youtube” style video interviewing for candidates. This gives both candidates and employers a huge opportunity to see whether they are suitable for each other, despite the content of their CV.

If you would like to find out more about how video interviewing can help you make informed decisions with regards to employment, please visit here.

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To see Trump’s CV please click here.

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