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Healthcare Job Descriptions

Healthcare Job Descriptions

Post Series: Job Descriptions By Sector

Recruitment for Healthcare jobs requires finding individuals with specialist skills and education ranging from vocational certifications to advanced degrees. Most jobs in the healthcare field also require exceptional soft skills that are paramount to caring for individuals, whether that is delivering therapy, prescribing medication, conducting physical reform, or overcoming social disadvantages.

Honing a job description to cover the desired qualifications and experience takes a little time and effort but is rewarded with applications from the most talented candidates. We recommend you begin by reviewing a job description template and making additions and omissions to create a precise, unique, and complete description.

Support Worker Job Description

Support Workers are responsible for providing practical and emotional assistance to individuals and families.

Support Worker job description example:

We are searching for a Support Worker to provide compassionate and practical support for our clients. In this role, you will strive to make a difference in people’s quality of life.

We expect you to schedule meetings with other professionals, assess clients’ needs, develop care plans, and assist with domestic tasks. Your duties will include furthering your education and providing practical support on issues such as housing, disabilities, benefits, and grants.

To succeed as a Support Worker, you will ideally have experience in support, carer, or social worker roles. You will have a degree in social work or behavioral science and possess excellent problem-solving, listening, and time-management skills.

View Support Worker Job Spec

Care Assistant Job Description

Care Assistants help individuals with various tasks ranging from personal care to support activities that promote physical and mental wellbeing.

Care Assistant job description example:

Our organisation is recruiting a Care Assistant to provide support for our clients. As a Care Assistant, you will help people with dressing, personal hygiene, washing, food preparation, and shopping.

In this role, you will assist clients in taking their correct medication, aid their physical mobility, and arrange activities that will support living a healthy lifestyle. You will keep accurate visit records and be an ambassador for promoting greater independence.

The ideal candidate will have an NVQ or BTEC healthcare qualification and possess good English and maths skills. You will need to be able to follow treatment plans, work with empathy, and enjoy building positive client relationships.

View Care Assistant Job Spec

Social Worker Job Description

Social Workers assist people affected by neglect, domestic violence, child abuse, mental health, or substance abuse.

Social Worker job description example:

Our organisation is seeking a Social Worker to join our busy team. Working as a Social Worker, your duties will include assisting clients in-person and by telephone, making assessments, and referring individuals to other professionals, agencies, or services,

We expect you to offer information to individuals that will benefit their or their family’s situation. You will maintain accurate records, create reports, and provide crisis intervention.

To succeed as a Social Worker, you need a Bachelor’s degree in social work, psychology, or a related field and a clinical social worker licence. A valid driving licence, excellent interpersonal skills, and computer literacy are essential.

View Social Worker Job Spec

Carer Job Description

Carers provide assistance to those with an illness, fragility, or disability.

Carer job description example:

We are searching for an honest and respectful Carer to join our team. As a Carer, your responsibilities include working with old and young people, providing daily living assistance.

Your duties will include performing light household tasks, visiting customers in their homes, helping with personal care and mobility, and ensuring treatment plans are followed. You will observe all health and safety policies and procedures.

The ideal applicant will have previous Carer experience and have a diploma in healthcare or a related field. You will require a driving licence, excellent communication skills, and the flexibility to work unsocial hours.

View Carer Job Spec

Nurse Job Description

Nurses work in healthcare facilities providing care and administering medicines to patients.

Nurse job description example:

Our healthcare facility is looking for a Nurse to join our nursing staff. You will care for patients, maintain patient records, prescribe medications, and monitor for side effects in this role.

As a nursing team member, you will record vital signs, report on changes in patient conditions, and evaluate treatment plans to ensure they are effective. You will order tests, use medical diagnostic equipment, and provide a friendly and professional service.

To succeed in this role, you will require a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in nursing and have experience in an intensive care or emergency room environment. 

View Nurse Job Spec

Care Worker Job Description

Care Workers provide support to people through different aspects of their daily lives.

Care Worker job description example:

Our company is recruiting a Care Worker to become part of a busy team of professionals. Working as a Care Worker, you’ll be responsible for helping people with physical activities, meal preparations, personal care, and mobility.

The role requires you to monitor the health and wellbeing of clients, book appointments on their behalf, attend meetings, and help with budgeting. 

To be a successful Care Worker, you will need excellent numerical and English skills, organisation, and a genuine care for an individual’s welfare. You will follow policies and procedures and have a diploma in social care.

View Care Worker Job Spec

Health Care Assistant (HCA) Job Description

Health Care Assistants are tasked with assisting nurses and physicians with administrative duties and patient care.

Health Care Assistant (HCA) job description example:

Our organisation is looking for a Health Care Assistant (HCA) to work in conjunction with our physicians and nurses. In this role, you will oversee patient monitoring, scheduling appointments, and database upkeep.

We expect you to maintain a clean and sanitary space, verify the identity of patients, and assist in clinical duties as directed. You will ensure confidentiality at all times, work hand-in-hand with other medical professionals, and prepare documentation and correspondence.

The ideal candidate will have a nursing degree and understand health and safety policies and regulations. You will have a compassionate mindset and be skilled at organisation, working in a team, exhibit patience, and thrive in a fast-paced environment.

View Health Care Assistant (HCA) Job Spec

Dental Nurse Job Description

Dental Nurses work in dental practices and assist dentists in carrying out procedures.

Dental Nurse job description example:

Our dental practice is seeking a Dental Nurse to join our staff. In this Dental Nurse position, you will assist licenced dentists as they perform oral procedures, handling tools, and disposing of materials following health and safety regulations.

You are expected to coordinate activities between dentists, dental staff, and hygienists, greet customers, and book appointments. You will be a contact point between the practice and laboratories and be responsible for our stock levels.

A dental nursing qualification is needed for the role, along with a passion for delivering first-class treatment. You will be enthusiastic and possess excellent IT skills.

View Dental Nurse Job Spec

Counsellor Job Description

Counsellors work with patients and help them overcome and manage their mental health and emotional issues.

Counsellor job description example:

We are hiring an experienced Counsellor to work with patients, helping them with emotional issues, traumas, and mental health. As one of our Counsellors, you will listen and question individuals, providing strategies and treatment plans to help them overcome challenges.

We expect you to diagnose conditions, prescribe medication, and refer patients to helpful resources. You will set goals, monitor progress, and educate patients on coping skills.

The ideal individual will have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in clinical mental health, psychology, counselling, or family therapy. You will be calm, self-motivated, proficient in using Microsoft Office and have extraordinary interpersonal skills.

View Counsellor Job Spec

Mental Health Support Worker Job Description

Mental Health Support Workers assist people with mental illnesses as they navigate the health system and contend with daily life.

Mental Health Support Worker job description example:

Our organisation is searching for a compassionate and experienced Mental Health Support Worker. In this role, you will help people in their homes and provide care and living assistance.

Your duties as a Mental Health Support Worker include monitoring clients’ physical and mental health, leading therapy sessions, and keeping accurate records. You will develop, implement, and monitor treatment plans, strategies, and medication.

The right person for this position will have mental health and clinical diagnosis knowledge, including individual, group, and family therapy. You will be computer literate, have a valid driving licence, and willingness to work on a flexible schedule.

View Mental Health Support Worker Job Spec

Physiotherapist Job Description

Physiotherapists are responsible for helping patients improve their mobility and wellbeing.

Physiotherapist job description example:

Our healthcare facility is looking to hire a Physiotherapist to help patients regain their mobility and physical wellbeing. Our Physiotherapists are tasked with diagnosing injuries and illnesses and developing effective treatment plans.

We expect you to provide various treatments, including manual therapy and electrotherapy. You will advise people on healthy living and help them recover from minor and severe accidents.

The ideal candidate will have a Chartered Society of Physiotherapists approved degree and have completed a physiotherapists apprenticeship.

View Physiotherapist Job Spec

Occupational Therapist Job Description

Occupational Therapists provide practical support for people overcoming obstacles caused by illness, ageing, or accidents.

Occupational Therapist job description example:

Our company is seeking an Occupational Therapist to join our healthcare team. As an Occupational Therapist, your responsibilities include helping patients overcome challenges caused by aging, illness, or accident.

You will recommend lifestyle changes, implement treatment plans, and evaluate the client’s progress in this role. You will collaborate with other professionals, including doctors, social workers, and physiotherapists.

To be successful, you will need a degree in occupational therapy, be Health and Professions Council registered, and have completed the HCPC-approved pre-registration occupational therapy program.

View Occupational Therapist Job Spec

Paramedic Job Description

Paramedics provide emergency treatment in response to 999 calls.

Paramedic job description example:

Our hospital is hiring a Paramedic to respond to 999 calls and provide emergency treatment at the site of accidents and within people’s homes. In this role, you will make life-saving decisions, working as part of a two-person team.

Your role is highly varied, with no two days being the same. You will administer powerful medications and use highly technical medical equipment. You will work on a changing shift pattern.

To work as one of our Paramedics, you will need a degree in paramedic science and be Health and Care Professions Council registered. You will be physically fit, hold a full driving licence, and remain calm in stressful and emotional situations.

View Paramedic Job Spec

Pharmacist Job Description

Pharmacists provide the general public with advice and supply medicines.

Pharmacist job description example:

Our pharmacy is seeking is a Pharmacist to provide our customers with advice on over-the-counter and prescription medicines. As a Pharmacist, you will dispense medications and monitor stock levels.

We expect you to provide customers with dosage and risk information and deliver excellent customer service. You will maintain accurate records and conduct screening for high cholesterol and diabetes.

To work as our Pharmacist, you will need a master of pharmacy degree. Your skillset will include attention to detail, excellent verbal communication, and understanding and compassion for people’s physical and mental health conditions.

View Pharmacist Job Spec

Psychologist Job Description

Psychologists provide a range of services that diagnose and treat psychiatric disorders.

Psychologist job description example:

Our practice is hiring a Psychologist who will play a crucial role in diagnosing and treating our patients. As a Psychologist, you will deliver individual, group, family, and marriage therapy, overseeing treatment over extended periods.

In this role, you will gather medical information, conduct assessments, develop and implement treatment plans, and monitor progress and effectiveness.

To succeed in this position, you will need a doctor of psychology degree or a Ph.D. in psychology. The ideal individual will have a least two years of clinical experience and, ideally, pediatric expertise.

View Psychologist Job Spec

Care Coordinator Job Description

Care Coordinators manage the care provided to elderly and disabled patients.

Care Coordinator job description example:

Our organisation is looking for a Care Coordinator to join our healthcare team. You will be responsible for overseeing treatment plans, educating patients, and ensuring they have access to high-quality health information.

Your duties will include completing paperwork, communicating with family members, hiring and training staff, and administering medication in the patient’s home. You will coordinate a multidisciplinary team and ensure they are aware of wellbeing and health practices.

To be successful as a Care Coordinator, you will need a medical management, nursing, or business administration degree. You will be a skilled decision-maker and planner and be aware of patient safeguarding processes.

View Care Coordinator Job Spec

Midwife Job Description

Midwives are responsible for patient care during the prenatal, delivery, and postnatal phases of parenthood.

Midwife job description example:

Our healthcare facility is recruiting a Midwife who will offer outstanding care and advice to our patients. Working as a Midwife, you will provide prenatal and postnatal guidance and care for patients during delivery.

You will examine patients throughout the pregnancy stages and assist parents in creating birth plans. You will be responsible for educating pregnant mothers on health and nutrition, arrange their prenatal care, and coach mothers through the birth.

To succeed, you will need a degree in midwifery and be Nursing and Midwifery Council registered. You will have a compassionate mindset, fantastic communication skills, a cool head, and the flexibility to work weekends, nights, and holidays.

View Midwife Job Spec

Doctor Job Description

A Doctor works with patients to diagnose and treat illnesses. They can work as a GP seeing patients in a practice or within a hospital. Doctors treat people, provide care for injuries, and administer medications.

Doctor job description example:

We are seeking an empathetic and experienced Doctor to join our medical practice. Your duties will include meeting with patients, diagnosing medical conditions, assessing injuries, and formulating treatment plans. You will provide the best possible care and refer people to specialists if needed.

We expect you to work with other medical team members, and your tasks will include educating the patient in best practices for health, administering medicines, and supporting patients with chronic complaints.

Our ideal candidate will have a medical degree and extensive experience in patient practice. You will need to be highly-organised, have excellent communication skills, and have a compassionate nature.

View Doctor Job Spec

Youth Worker Job Description

A Youth Worker acts as a role model and mentors young people. They encourage positive action, design activities to promote healthy living, and provide assistance as needed.

Youth Worker job description example:

We are seeking a Youth Worker to work with young people in our organisation. Your duties will include overseeing activities, forming relationships, and encouraging positive changes in our participants’ lives. You will assist and refer to other professionals, including social workers, as necessary.

We expect you to design fun activities to promote health and wellbeing, supervise arts and crafts and encourage participation in events. You will foster long-lasting relationships, act as a mentor, and complete progress evaluations.

To be successful as a Youth Worker, you will need a degree in social work or similar, previous experience in a related role, and excellent communication skills. A full driver’s licence and superb problem-solving skills are essential.

View Youth Worker Job Spec

Mental Health Nurse Job Description

A Mental Health Nurse works with patients with a variety of mental health conditions. They may work within a clinic or visit people in their homes, support them, suggest treatments, and advise ongoing care.

Mental Health Nurse job description example:

We are recruiting a Mental Health Nurse to join our busy team. As a Mental Health Nurse, you will work with people with various disorders like depression or anxiety. You will build relationships with your patients, offer support and advice and administer medications.

We expect you to liaise with other professionals, including social workers and plan nursing requirements on a case by case basis. You will visit patients in their homes, ensure medication is taken correctly, and update patient records.

Our ideal candidate has a degree in nursing and post-graduate training in an appropriate field. Outstanding communication and decision-making are essential, as well as an empathetic attitude.

View Mental Health Nurse Job Spec

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