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Healthcare Roles And Responsibilities

Healthcare Roles And Responsibilities

The healthcare system is regularly under stress, and there is stiff competition for qualified individuals to fill job vacancies. Whether you are a private organisation or fall under a local or national authority, there are many different and specialist positions to fill. Creating job descriptions and job ads to promote your openings is a crucial step in the recruitment process and should encompass skills, qualifications, and duties.

Today we look at the key roles healthcare professionals perform, identifying the tasks and duties that should form part of your job description.

Roles of a Support Worker

A Support Worker provides emotional and practical assistance to individuals and families. Holding a social work or behavioural science degree, the best candidates are empathetic and non-judgemental.

Support Worker roles and responsibilities:

  • Scheduling times with clients and conducting meetings
  • Assessing the individual’s needs and creating care plans
  • Accompanying clients to healthcare and agency appointments
  • Working with families to give them the skills to support the client
  • Listening to clients and carrying out domestic duties
  • Keeping accurate records and data regarding the client’s progress

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Roles of a Care Assistant

Care Assistants support individuals with personal care tasks and physical and mental well-being activities. With a BTEC or NVQ healthcare qualification, applicants should be compassionate and have an understanding of treatment plans.

Care Assistant roles and responsibilities:

  • Helping clients with washing, grooming, and personal care
  • Preparing food and drink and encouraging individuals to follow a healthy diet
  • Performing mobility-related tasks such as shopping and household chores
  • Ensuring clients take prescribed medicine
  • Maintaining accurate records of visits and actions
  • Enabling clients to develop greater independence

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Roles of a Social Worker

The duties of a Social Worker include providing care for people affected by child abuse, domestic violence, neglect, and substance abuse. Qualified individuals should hold a Social Worker Licence.

Social Worker roles and responsibilities:

  • Collating personal data and assessing the clients’ needs 
  • Helping clients find support services in person or by phone
  • Providing crisis intervention and monitoring for signs of child abuse
  • Promoting beneficial activities and encouraging inclusion
  • Providing information, training, and support to the client’s family
  • Referring clients to other agencies and mental or physical support services

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Roles of a Carer

Carers work with individuals who are fragile, ill, or disabled. Working unsocial hours, top candidates are flexible and committed to providing high-quality care.

Carer roles and responsibilities:

  • Visiting customers in their homes and assisting with personal care tasks
  • Helping individuals rise in the morning and prepare for bed
  • Reminding clients to take their medication to the prescribed dose
  • Ensuring customers follow treatment plans
  • Conducting light household duties
  • Attending meetings and appointments with the client

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Roles of a Nurse

Nurses work in hospitals or healthcare establishments, providing patient care or supervising junior nurses. The best Nurses can work under extreme pressure and have outstanding communication skills.

Nurse roles and responsibilities:

  • Monitoring patients’ vital signs and changes in their condition
  • Administering medication and monitoring patients for adverse reactions or side effects
  • Ordering diagnostic and clinical tests
  • Keeping accurate records of administered medicines and the patient’s condition
  • Evaluating patients and implementing treatment plans
  • Relaying medical information to patients and their families

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Roles of a Care Worker

The duties of a Care Worker are centred on helping people through all aspects of their daily lives. Care Workers should be trustworthy and committed to supporting their clients.

Care Worker roles and responsibilities:

  • Helping clients with washing and personal hygiene
  • Preparing meals and assisting with mobility
  • Booking and attending healthcare meetings 
  • Performing household management, shopping, and budget management
  • Accompanying individuals during activities outside their home
  • Ensuring clients follow their treatment plans and take prescribed medication

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Roles of a Health Care Assistant (HCA)

Health Care Assistants work with nurses, physicians, and medical professionals to provide patient care and complete administrative tasks. Applicants need an understanding of health and safety regulations and policies.

Health Care Assistant roles and responsibilities:

  • Updating databases and records and scheduling and cancelling patient appointments
  • Recording the patient’s pulse, weight, and temperature
  • Maintaining clean and sterile examination rooms
  • Assisting nurses and physicians with clinical duties
  • Maintaining office equipment and ordering supplies
  • Preparing documentation and correspondence

View a complete Health Care Assistant (HCA) Job Description here.

Roles of a Dental Nurse

Dental Nurses work in dental practices and assist dentists during examinations and procedures. With a dental nursing qualification, they reassure patients and help provide a first-class service.

Dental Nurse roles and responsibilities:

  • Assisting dentists and hygienists as they perform oral procedures
  • Preparing and sterilising equipment and tools
  • Welcoming customers into the practice and managing appointments
  • Disposing of waste materials in accordance with local and national regulations
  • Liaising with laboratories 
  • Monitoring, ordering and accepting stock and supplies

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Roles of a Counsellor

Counsellors work with patients to help them overcome emotional and mental health issues. Qualified in family therapy, counselling, or psychology, they assess individuals, set goals, and monitor their progress.

Counsellor roles and responsibilities:

  • Assessing patients and diagnosing mental and emotional disorders
  • Creating treatment plans and teaching coping skills
  • Providing access to community and government resources, support networks, and other professionals
  • Listening to patients and helping them determine appropriate actions and decisions
  • Prescribing medication where appropriate
  • Assisting clients with anger management, depression, stress, bullying, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, and substance abuse

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Roles of a Mental Health Support Worker

The focus of Mental Health Support Workers is helping people suffering from mental illnesses. Working with individuals, families, and groups, they have flexible schedules and excellent verbal communication skills.

Mental Health Support Worker roles and responsibilities:

  • Providing living assistance in patients’ homes, encompassing physical and medical care 
  • Creating treatment plans and leading therapy sessions
  • Monitoring the physical and mental condition of patients
  • Connecting with the local community and running outreach programmes
  • Providing support under the guidance of mental health practitioners
  • Maintaining accurate and confidential patient records

View a complete Mental Health Support Worker Job Description here.

Roles of a Physiotherapist

The actions of a Physiotherapist help patients improve their physical mobility following illness, accidents, or operations. With a Chartered Society of Physiotherapists degree, candidates should have superb interpersonal skills.

Physiotherapist roles and responsibilities:

  • Meeting with patients referred by doctors or surgeons to discuss their health and mobility issues
  • Assessing the patient’s condition and limitations and determining the best course of treatment
  • Formulating and demonstrating elements of the treatment strategy
  • Advising patients on healthy living best practices
  • Performing manual therapy to improve movement and reduce pain
  • Monitoring progress over the treatment period

View a complete Physiotherapist Job Description here.

Roles of an Occupational Therapist

An Occupational therapist helps people overcome the challenges caused by illness, injury, or aging. Applicants should be Health and Professions Council registered and have a degree in occupational therapy.

Occupational Therapist roles and responsibilities:

  • Providing practical support for individuals affected by injury, illness, or aging
  • Considering appropriate treatment plans with a whole-person approach to physical and mental well-being
  • Referring clients to specialists, including doctors, social workers, and physiotherapists 
  • Prioritising and organising heavy caseloads
  • Setting goals to helping patients return to work
  • Maintaining confidentiality and patient records

View a complete Occupational Therapist Job Description here.

Roles of a Paramedic

Paramedics should hold a paramedic science degree and be Health and Care Professions Council registered. The best Paramedics remain calm under stressful situations and can rapidly assess priorities.

Paramedic roles and responsibilities:

  • Responding to non-emergency and emergency situations
  • Working as part of a two-person crew
  • Making life-saving decisions
  • Using medical equipment and giving medication
  • Providing reassurance to patients and families
  • Working changing shift patterns and unsocial hours, including nights, weekends, and holidays

View a complete Paramedic Job Description here.

Roles of a Pharmacist

Pharmacists provide advice and supply prescribed and over-the-counter medicines to the public. With a master of pharmacy degree, the best candidates pay attention to detail and leverage excellent communication skills.

Pharmacist roles and responsibilities:

  • Confirming the identity of customers and prescribing medicine
  • Giving advice on the proper dosage and the medicine’s risks
  • Controlling medical stock and ordering supplies
  • Screening customers for high cholesterol and diabetes
  • Maintaining accurate records

View a complete Pharmacist Job Description here.

Roles of a Psychologist

Psychologists diagnose and treat psychiatric disorders and possess a Ph.D. in psychology or a doctor of psychology degree.

Psychologist roles and responsibilities:

  • Assessing patients and diagnosing psychiatric illnesses
  • Working with individuals, families, and groups to manage or overcome psychological disorders
  • Developing treatment plans and monitoring progress
  • Seeing patients over extended periods
  • Working with patients of all ages
  • Referring patients to other medical and well-being specialists

View a complete Psychologist Job Description here.

Roles of a Care Coordinator

Care Coordinators arrange and manage the care given to disabled or elderly people. The ideal applicants bring together business administrative, nursing, and medical management skills.

Care Coordinator roles and responsibilities:

  • Organising the training and schedules of care team members
  • Ensuring patients have high-quality health information access
  • Coordinating the activities of a multidisciplinary team
  • Maintaining health and wellbeing policies and procedures
  • Communicating with clients and their families
  • Collaborating with other healthcare specialists

View a complete Care Coordinator Job Description here.

Roles of a Midwife

A Midwife offers prenatal, delivery, and postnatal care and advice for parents. Candidates should be Nursing and Midwifery Council registered and have attained a midwifery degree.

Midwife roles and responsibilities:

  • Performing gynaecological exams and medical tests
  • Preparing parents for the birth and offering emotional support
  • Preparing birth plans and providing lifestyle, health, and safety advice
  • Performing deliveries and assisting surgeons with caesareans
  • Monitoring the mother’s and baby’s vital signs
  • Investigating the parents and family’s medical history
  • Performing emergency treatments or CPR

View a complete Midwife Job Description here.

Roles of a Doctor

Doctors should have a medical degree and personal traits suited to general practice or work in a hospital setting. 

Doctor roles and responsibilities:

  • Meeting with patients to assess their emotional and physical treatment needs
  • Arranging blood tests and x-rays and referring patients to consultants
  • Prescribing medication or therapy and scheduling follow-ups
  • Informing patients of minor to life-threatening diagnosis
  • Participating in research projects and educational opportunities
  • Administering physical exams

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Roles of a Youth Worker

Youth Workers mentor young people in activities that promote healthy living and positive behaviors. Top applicants demonstrate their ability to be excellent role models.

Youth Worker roles and responsibilities:

  • Encouraging young people to make positive life, career, and relationship decisions
  • Overseeing recreational areas and the safe use of equipment
  • Organising physical fitness activities, games, and crafts
  • Completing application forms, progress evaluations, and incident reports
  • Managing budgets and project funding
  • Recruiting volunteers

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Roles of a Mental Health Nurse

Mental Health Nurses work closely with people who have disorders such as anxiety or depression. They work in clinics or visit people in their homes.

Mental Health Nurse roles and responsibilities:

  • Building patient relationships and addressing their needs
  • Liaising with doctors, social workers, and psychiatrists 
  • Ensuring patients take prescribed medication
  • Planning the patient’s nursing requirements
  • Updating confidential patient records

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