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Where are jobs advertised online?

Where Are Jobs Advertised Online?

When choosing to advertise a job online, knowing which site has the most jobs advertised, will likely mean more candidate traffic (even though this can’t be guaranteed).

We have collected data from job sites in the UK (241 sites to be precise – how many sites can you name?)

We then can plot out the number of jobs posted on each site; as you can imagine, showing data for all 241 would make this post into a short novel, and won’t really achieve that much, so I will show the data from the top 10 sites for each month.

Where are jobs advertised?

As you can see, Job Centre Plus is the biggest job board in the UK by advert volume, along with it being free. If you are wanting a high volume of applicants, it is likely a good site to use.

A challenge which our clients have found when they use Job Centre Plus is that applicants on there are incentivised to apply for high volumes of jobs. This means that the applicants’ skills are not necessarily aligned correctly to the job; even though there are lots of adverts, doesn’t mean it is a great place to recruit from.

The type of role you are recruiting for is likely to determine where you should focus your advertising; Specialist boards such as CWJobs, which are great for IT roles you would be ill-advised to advertise for a nurse!

We take a more in-depth look at How to Advertise a Job in this article.

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