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Key Administration Roles

Key Administration Roles

The smooth and efficient running of your business starts in the office. There are many administration roles and duties to perform daily, such as answering phone calls, greeting visitors, maintaining databases, filing paperwork, booking appointments, and ensuring compliance with company standards.

If you are recruiting for administrative positions in your company, it is crucial to lay out the roles and responsibilities in job descriptions, ready for posting as job advertisements.

Here we look at the critical roles of administration professionals across the positions of a typical office.

Roles of an Office Manager

An Office Manager is responsible for ensuring the general operations of the office are completed each day. Managing a team of admins, the Office Manager must ensure the business’s goals and objectives are met.

Office Manager roles and responsibilities:

  • Overseeing general office operations
  • Evaluating staff and organising relevant training to fill skills gaps
  • Coordinating staff schedules, appointments, and meetings
  • Ensuring all incoming calls and inquiries are handled efficiently
  • Producing reports, correspondence, and agreements
  • Creating performance and activity presentations for senior managers

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Roles of an Administrator

An administrator undertakes the core activities in an office environment. They handle a wide variety of clerical duties, from filing paperwork to answering incoming calls.

Administrator roles and responsibilities:

  • Greeting and directing office visitors
  • Filing and retrieving customer or employee information
  • Answering telephone calls and emails
  • Managing the calendar and schedule and making travel arrangements for senior and sales staff
  • Performing data entry and maintaining spreadsheets
  • Providing basic and accurate bookkeeping services

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Roles of an Executive Assistant

Executive Assistants support the executive team, carrying out business-related tasks essential to completing their operational duties.

Executive Assistant roles and responsibilities:

  • Preparing documents, reports, financial statements, invoices, and memos
  • Conducting research and preparing presentations for executives, committees, and the board of directors
  • Attending meetings and recording the minutes
  • Greeting office visitors and determining if they can meet with executives
  • Filing corporate documents, letters, and reports
  • Opening physical and electronic mail and distributing them as needed
  • Making travel and accommodation arrangements for executives

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Roles of an Office Supervisor

Office Supervisors oversee the completion of tasks carried out by the administrative team. They ensure the smooth running of the office, provide advice and training to junior team members, and ensure business standards.

Office Supervisor roles and responsibilities:

  • Answering telephone calls and responding to emails
  • Managing staff schedules and running meetings
  • Preparing reports and documents using Microsoft Office and administrative software
  • Motivating the team, monitoring standards, and ensuring office goals are achieved
  • Organising travel and accommodation for training events and seminars
  • Authorising office expenditures

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Roles of an Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistants provide support to co-workers and the management team. They complete various office and organisational tasks to ensure daily duties are completed efficiently.

Administrative Assistant roles and responsibilities:

  • Conducting research and preparing reports and presentations
  • Booking appointments and politely directing office visitors
  • Ordering and distributing office supplies, setting up meetings, and screening telephone calls
  • Anticipating the needs of co-workers and managers
  • Recording and transcribing meeting minutes
  • Booking flights, hotel rooms, cars, and restaurant reservations 

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Roles of a Receptionist

A receptionist provides the first contact point for business visitors, partners, vendors, and clients. Receptionists confirm the identity of visitors, inform the team of their arrival, and redirect incoming phone calls.

Receptionist roles and responsibilities:

  • Providing a courteous greeting to business visitors
  • Answering incoming calls, transferring them to the relevant parties, and taking messages
  • Sorting and distributing mail and packages
  • Ensuring office security by screening visitors and checking their identity
  • Maintaining the visitor logbook
  • Carrying out administrative duties as directed
  • Booking and preparing training and meeting rooms

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Roles of a Secretary

Secretaries perform administrative tasks for managers and the leadership team. They organise clerical tasks, schedule meetings, print documents, and make travel arrangements.

Secretary roles and responsibilities:

  • Answering phone calls and responding to emails
  • Printing and copying documents
  • Booking conference rooms and preparing them for meetings
  • Transcribing documents, letters, and reports
  • Welcoming visitors and directing them to meeting rooms
  • Making travel arrangements for executives and managers

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Roles of an Administrative Services Manager

An Administrative Services Manager oversees the admin department and its staff. They hire and train candidates, establish quality controls, and organise and distribute office tasks.

Administrative Services Manager roles and responsibilities:

  • Ensuring operational efficiency and enforcing controls
  • Hiring and mentoring staff
  • Setting policies, regulations, guidelines, and budgets
  • Conducting performance reviews and setting staff goals
  • Authorising expenditure on supplies and equipment
  • Securely storing documents and records in accordance with legislation

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Roles of an Accounting Assistant

Accounting Assistants conduct various booking and accounting tasks. They are responsible for recording expenditure, monitoring budgets, and reconciling invoices and banking.

Accounting Assistant roles and responsibilities:

  • Creating and issuing invoices
  • Collecting payments and preparing banking
  • Maintaining financial records and spreadsheets
  • Filing payroll documentation
  • Preparing monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports and presentations
  • Monitoring expenses and budgets

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Roles of an Office Administrator

An Office Administrator provides clerical support to colleagues and managers. They complete ad-hoc tasks and manage schedules and meeting calendars.

Office Administrator roles and responsibilities:

  • Responding to phone calls, correspondence, memos, emails, and resumes
  • Coordinating training, appointments, and meetings
  • Performing bookkeeping duties, invoicing, and budget tracking
  • Purchasing office supplies, furniture, and equipment
  • Preparing documents and reports for internal and external meetings
  • Overseeing the maintenance of the office facilities

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Roles of an Admin

Admins perform office tasks that support the operation or management team. They handle incoming and outgoing paperwork and handle confidential information.

Admin roles and responsibilities:

  • Managing inventory and office consumables
  • Writing letters and emails
  • Filing paperwork and entering information into spreadsheets
  • Handling sensitive and confidential information
  • Providing office visitor support
  • Answering phone calls and directing customer enquiries

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