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Key Bar And Restaurant Roles

Key Bar And Restaurant Roles

Bars and restaurants have certainly been through the wringer in recent years, with shutdowns and restrictions as we worked through the pandemic. With near-normal trading back underway, your bar or restaurant may have found itself short of critical staff. Recruitment drives need to be swift and effective, and this means writing accurate job descriptions, which should include a list of workers’ roles and duties.

Today we look at bar and restaurant roles, identifying the tasks and duties for each position.

Roles of a Barista

A Barista is a beverages specialist responsible for serving refreshments such as coffee and tea. They take orders, prepare drinks, and take payments.

Barista roles and responsibilities:

  • Welcoming guests into the establishment and informing customers of menu items
  • Preparing beverages, sandwiches, and baked products
  • Cleaning and stocking the serving and dining areas
  • Answering customer questions, making recommendations, and ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Ensuring food safety regulations and quality controls
  • Updating signage and marketing materials

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Roles of a Bartender

Bartenders take orders, mix and serve drinks, and collect payments. Their duties include providing outstanding customer satisfaction and ensuring the bar is run according to health and safety guidelines.

Bartender roles and responsibilities:

  • Taking drinks orders and mixing cocktails
  • Creating drink menus and promoting offers
  • Welcoming patrons and determining their preferences
  • Handling cash and card payments and reconciling banking
  • Ensuring food safety standards
  • Taking inventory of stock and ordering supplies
  • Confirming the age of customers when serving alcoholic beverages

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Roles of a Waiter

Waiters are front-of-house staff who greet and seat customers, take orders, and serve food and drinks.

Waiter roles and responsibilities:

  • Welcoming customers into the establishment and handing out menus
  • Taking meal and drinks orders and placing these with the kitchen and bar staff
  • Recommending specials and meal suitability
  • Preparing bills and processing payments
  • Clearing tables and preparing them for the next guests
  • Ensuring satisfaction with meals and service

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Roles of a Chef

A Chef provides culinary expertise, preparing dishes and directing kitchen porters. They design seasonal menus and ensure exemplary hygiene and food safety standards.

Chef roles and responsibilities:

  • Setting up the kitchen and conducting food prep
  • Delegating tasks to kitchen porters and line cooks
  • Cooking food to the preferences of diners
  • Ensuring ingredients are in-date and stored correctly
  • Creating new dishes and seasonal menus
  • Ensuring food safety and complying with food inspectors

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Roles of a Kitchen Porter

Kitchen Porters conduct essential cleaning tasks before, during, and after service. They also prepare basic ingredients and accept deliveries of supplies.

Kitchen Porter roles and responsibilities:

  • Washing pots, pans, plates, and cutlery 
  • Cleaning prep stations, equipment, floors, and walls
  • Unpacking and storing deliveries
  • Emptying rubbish bins
  • Assisting chefs and cooks with food preparation
  • Organising cold storerooms, fridges, and freezers

View a complete Kitchen Porter Job Description here.

Roles of a Sous Chef

Sous Chef’s duties include working with the head chef to produce dishes according to trends and seasonal ingredients. They recruit and train staff and ensuring the smooth running of the kitchen.

Sous Chef roles and responsibilities:

  • Developing seasonal menus
  • Preparing meals in line with customer requests
  • Monitoring stock and ordering new supplies and ingredients
  • Hiring and training new kitchen employees and reviewing their performance
  • Creating schedules to ensure adequate staffing of the kitchen
  • Managing the kitchen in the absence of the executive chef
  • Meeting customers and resolving complaints

View a complete Sous Chef Job Description here.

Roles of a Restaurant Manager

The duties of a Restaurant Manager include procuring staff, conducting financial management, and ensuring proper staff levels during busy and quiet times.

Restaurant Manager roles and responsibilities:

  • Recruiting and training staff and providing feedback on their performance
  • Setting budgets and monitoring income and expenses
  • Receiving customer feedback and resolving complaints
  • Opening and closing the restaurant and ensuring its security
  • Ordering equipment and food ingredients
  • Producing and approving menus with the head chef

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Roles of a Bar Manager

Bar Managers oversee bar operations, arranging staff rotas and ensuring compliance with policies and health codes. Bar managers also hire and motivate the bar team.

Bar Manager roles and responsibilities:

  • Managing all business aspects of running the bar
  • Creating staff schedules and authorising annual leave
  • Enforcing standards and quality controls
  • Planning promotional events and marketing initiatives
  • Motivating staff and raising customer satisfaction levels
  • Resolving customer complaints and staff grievances

View a complete Bar Manager Job Description here.

Roles of Bar Staff

Bar Staff prepare drinks orders and deliver food and snacks to customers. They provide a welcoming environment and ensure the accuracy of bills and payments.

Bar Staff roles and responsibilities:

  • Mixing and serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Confirming the age of customers when serving alcoholic beverages
  • Maintaining a clean and hygienic bar
  • Re-stocking the bar with drinks and snacks
  • Taking payment for drinks and reconciling the till
  • Managing customer complaints

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Roles of a Kitchen Assistant

A Kitchen Assistant is a valuable member of the culinary team and assists with preparing entrees, main dishes, sides, and desserts.

Kitchen Assistant roles and responsibilities:

  • Washing pots, pans, chopping boards, and utensils
  • Washing, chopping, and preparing ingredients
  • Accepting stock and supplies
  • Following health and food safety protocols
  • Assisting chefs and taking their direction
  • Emptying food and recycling bins

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Roles of a Chef De Partie

A Chef de Partie works under the head chef and is responsible for a certain kitchen area. They prepare and cook dishes relating to their section.

Chef De Partie roles and responsibilities:

  • Ordering ingredients and stock for each workstation
  • Preparing menus and specials with the head chef
  • Plating dishes and ensuring the accuracy of garnishes and portion sizes
  • Training junior chefs on cleanliness and best practices
  • Communicating shortages to the chef
  • Organising inventory and ensuring ingredients are fresh

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Roles of a Waitress

Waitresses are responsible for greeting and serving clientele. A waitress will show guests to their table, take orders, present bills, and accept payments.

Waitress roles and responsibilities:

  • Escorting customers to tables and providing menus
  • Informing diners on special and the ingredients of dishes
  • Entering orders into the POS system
  • Serving drinks, food, and condiments
  • Resolving customer complaints
  • Ensuring effective communication between the front-of-house and kitchen teams

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Roles of a Bar Supervisor

The duties of a Bar Supervisor include managing staff and overseeing bar operations. They open and close the bar, ensure it is staffed, and plan promotional events.

Bar Supervisor roles and responsibilities:

  • Creating staff schedules and authorising leave
  • Organising promotions and marketing
  • Recruiting and training bar staff
  • Auditing inventory and ordering stock
  • Reconciling the till and preparing banking
  • Resolving customer issues and ensuring satisfaction

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