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Key Roles And Responsibilities In Hospitality

Key Roles and Responsibilities in Hospitality

Post Series: Job Description Roles and Responsibilities

The hospitality sector has seen renewed focus and growth as people begin to socialise freely, dine out, and take holidays in the UK and abroad. Jobs within hospitality are varied and include hospitality management, chefs, housekeeping, and personal fitness coaches. If you are hiring for any of these positions, your hospitality job descriptions need to have the tasks and responsibilities that fall under each role’s scope, ensuring you receive applications from qualified personnel and candidates.

What does a Hospitality person do?

Operations And Hospitality Manager Job Description And Duties

Your hospitality job description should cover the details of the hospitality team functions and how they fit in your organisational culture. Your hospitality and leisure business needs to hire its staff carefully to ensure your company has the best mix of skills and experience. With qualified personnel and the right commercial and management strategy, your company can find or continue its success across sales, customer services, catering, and leisure.

Depending on the company, products, or services, hospitality employees oversee:

  • Implementing the hospitality management strategy (Hospitality Manager)
  • Sales and hitting profit targets
  • Using relevant software such as EPOS and MS Office
  • Handling customer complaints
  • Providing exemplary service to ensure customer satisfaction and the quality charter
  • Ensuring safety norms are maintained (catering and food production)
  • Hiring and coaching staff members (Hospitality Managers)
  • Administrative tasks required for day to day operations
  • Conducting performance reviews (Hospitality Manager)
  • Creating staff schedules
  • Budgeting and financial management

Hospitality skills

Skills For Your Leisure And Hospitality Manager Job Description

To ensure your establishment follows best practices, hits its sales targets, and completes daily operations in line with standards and regulations, you need to hire hospitality industry staff members with the right skills for the job.

To complete their retail job, a retail associate needs hard and soft skills that include:

  • Excellent communication
  • Knowledge of health regulations and law
  • Computer and application proficiency
  • Numeracy and English, a second language can be advantageous
  • Leadership and experience managing staff members (Hospitality Manager)
  • Sales and customer service skills
  • Organisation and multitasking
  • Good time management
  • Ability to work long hours, evenings, and weekends

How to hire a Hospitality person

Hospitality Manager Job Description

Job advertising for hospitality will differ based on the hospitality skills, position, daily operations, and establishment. It will help to prepare a job description that you can leverage for a recruitment strategy that encompasses advertising on general and specialist hospitality job boards, social media, and employee referrals. Your hiring strategy might also include having a presence at hospitality conferences, events, and online with organisations or professional bodies.

To ensure hiring success, it will help to prepare a job description for job boards that includes keywords a candidate may search for and select the proper job title. Your job description should define the retail job and the job advert should promote your company culture and values and state if you are recruiting for full time, part time, permanent, or temporary (seasonal) hospitality jobs.

Flat fee recruitment solutions continue to deliver the best results when recruiting a hospitality manager or operations staff. Hiring People facilitates the process with one submission that automatically posts your job across many job boards. The one submission approach saves significant time and hassle.

What are the Hospitality roles?

The duties of hospitality professionals are completed by individuals in roles titled as:

  • Housekeeping
  • Operations or Hospitality Manager
  • Hotel Receptionist
  • Cleaner
  • Events Coordinator
  • Personal trainer

Hospitality roles and responsibilities

Next, we look at the tasks and duties of the core jobs that keep the hospitality wheels rolling. These should be included in your job description for posting on job boards.

Roles of Housekeeping

Housekeeping personnel play a crucial role in maintaining standards and ultimately customer satisfaction. They conduct a wide range of cleaning duties in public and private guest areas, with efficiency and trustworthiness ranking highly as desirable skills.

Housekeeping roles and responsibilities:

  • Performing vacuuming, mopping, sanitisation, and laundry
  • Managing inventory and restocking supplies
  • Responding to clients’ requests
  • Arranging rooms and setting up extra beds and cots
  • Reporting maintenance issues and breakages
  • Following cleaning schedules and completing work ahead of deadlines

View a complete Housekeeping Job Description here.

Roles of a Cleaner

Cleaners work in people’s homes or commercial spaces, alone or as part of a team. They need to be aware of health, safety, and hygiene and pay attention to detail.

Cleaner roles and responsibilities:

  • Sweeping, mopping, dusting, and sanitising surfaces
  • Cleaning and restocking bathrooms
  • Emptying rubbish and recycling bins
  • Following health regulations
  • Mixing cleaning chemicals to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Reporting to supervisors, managers, and clients

View a complete Cleaner Job Description here.

Roles of a Catering Assistant

These culinary team members working in commercial kitchens, restaurants, hotels, and schools.

Catering Assistant roles and responsibilities:

  • Preparing and chopping raw and cooked ingredients
  • Following food hygiene regulations and best practices
  • Following the chef’s directions
  • Conducting stock checks and accepting deliveries
  • Loading and unloading commercial dishwashing machines
  • Cleaning food processing areas

View a complete Catering Assistant Job Description here.

Roles of a Hotel Receptionist

The duties of a Hotel Receptionist include greeting hotel guests at the front desk. They perform identity checks, answer guest questions and process payments for rooms and services.

Hotel Receptionist roles and responsibilities:

  • Greeting guests and checking them in
  • Answering guest questions and providing activity and restaurant recommendations
  • Running the switchboard and transferring incoming calls
  • Entering details into the reservation system
  • Listening to guests complaints, resolving issues, and providing customer service
  • Accepting payments, preparing banking, and conducting basic bookkeeping

View a complete Hotel Receptionist Job Description here.

Roles of a Porter

Porters assist guests by moving their luggage to and from their rooms or across the resort. They represent the company’s brand and so must be polite and courteous.

Porter roles and responsibilities:

  • Transporting bags from cars or reception to guest rooms
  • Answering guest’s initial questions about the hotel, room, or leisure facilities
  • Delivering morning newspapers to rooms
  • Parking guests vehicles
  • Serving as an information contact point and providing customer service
  • Ensuring the security of bags and belongings during transit to their rooms

View a complete Porter Job Description here.

Roles of a Hotel Manager / Hospitality Manager

Hotel Managers oversee all departments and arrange staff schedules, training, and marketing. They manage the hotel’s budget and endeavour to increase occupancy rates.

Hotel Manager roles and responsibilities:

  • Hiring, training, and supervising staff
  • Conducting standard checks 
  • Arranging maintenance for rooms and equipment
  • Preparing financial budgets and forecasts
  • Overseeing the hotel and restaurant’s marketing and promotional activities
  • Communicating with guests, resolving complaints, and ensuring staff deliver excellent customer service
  • Ensuring health and fire safety across the premises

View a complete Hotel Manager Job Description here.

Roles of a Lifeguard

Lifeguards undergo Lifeguard training and should be AED, CPR, and First Aid certified before commencing their duties. They are responsible for the safety of adults and children at swimming pools and water sports venues.

Lifeguard roles and responsibilities:

  • Ensuring swimming pool users are aware of and follow safety rules
  • Warning pool users when they are engaging in unsafe behaviours
  • Assisting children and adults during swimming lessons
  • Responding to emergencies, rescuing swimmers, and administering first aid or CPR
  • Maintaining the order and cleanliness of the designated area
  • Maintaining an accurate record of incidents and accidents

View a complete Lifeguard Job Description here.

Roles of a Personal Trainer

Personal Trainers help individuals set fitness goals and implement plans to achieve them. Holding a Personal Trainer qualification, they perform fitness tests, motivate customers, and promote healthy lifestyle practices.

Personal Trainer roles and duties:

  • Assessing the individual’s fitness level and skills
  • Setting realistic goals and creating training plans to achieve them
  • Providing advice on nutrients and lifestyle choices
  • Motivating clients and encouraging them to hit their goals
  • Maintaining accurate records and documentation
  • Ensuring the health and safety of the client

View a complete Personal Trainer Job Description here.

Roles of an Event Coordinator

Event Coordinators need excellent planning and communication skills to achieve successful outcomes. They work with businesses and charities to organise venues, entertainment, and food.

Event Coordinator roles and responsibilities:

  • Discussing event budgets and expectations with clients
  • Researching and booking venues
  • Negotiating contracts and prices for food, transport, and entertainment
  • Issuing invoices to suppliers
  • Scheduling event staff and delegating tasks
  • Ensuring smooth-running and problem-solving during the event

View a complete Event Coordinator Job Description here.

Roles of a Beauty Therapist

Beauty Therapists have expert knowledge of cosmetic products, skin biology, and physiology. They safely administer beauty treatments for the face or body.

Beauty Therapist roles and responsibility:

  • Determining the customers’ beauty needs and preferences
  • Providing body, facial, or hair treatments in a salon, hotel room, or a customer’s home
  • Offering cosmetic and beauty product advice
  • Maintaining an inventory of products and supplies
  • Sterilising utensils and maintaining a hygienic treatment station
  • Booking appointments and collecting payments 

View a complete Beauty Therapist Job Description here.

Roles of a Sports Coach

Sports Coaches work with individual sportspeople, entire teams, or community groups. They work in schools, universities, and leisure facilities.

Sports Coach responsibility:

  • Teaching sports disciplines to students, players, and participants
  • Identifying player’s strengths and weaknesses and developing individual and group training plans
  • Maintaining sports equipment and ensuring its proper use
  • Ensure fair play and the safety of participants
  • Developing strategies to build team spirit and motivation
  • Conducting post-game analysis

View a complete Sports Coach Job Description here.

Hospitality FAQs

Here we answer your questions on retail jobs and employment.

What are four basic duties of hospitality management (Hospitality Manager)?

A Hospitality Manager job description should define at least four basic responsibilities; hire qualified personnel, oversee compliance with regulations and company policies, ensure sales targets are achieved, and ensure excellent customer service.

What are the different chef tiers in the hospitality industry?

Chef tiers include Kitchen Porter, Commis Chef (Junior Chef), Chef de Partie (Station Chef), Sous Chef (Deputy Chef), Chef de Cuisine (Head Chef), and Executive Chef.

Hospitality roles – The responsibilities of all Hospitality roles

If your hospitality business is preparing a job description for recruitment, you can find the day to day duties each role is responsible for by viewing the resources below:

The responsibilities of all professions

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