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Key Retail Roles And Responsibilities

Key Retail Roles And Responsibilities

The retail sector covers a huge variety of products and services, requiring workers with general, industry-specific, and management knowledge. While many jobs are performed entirely in the public’s view, there are also supporting roles conducted by buyers and merchandisers. 

Hiring the best talent and filling your vacancies begins with creating job descriptions detailing the roles and responsibilities of the worker.

Today we explore the scope of retail jobs and identify the duties that require proficiency.

Roles of a Store Manager

A Store Manager oversees the staff and activities conducted within a shop. Applicants typically fall into two categories; those with career planning and a business administration degree, and those who have worked their way up from sales and assistant manager positions.

Store Manager roles and responsibilities:

  • Creating job listings, interviewing candidates, and training them
  • Managing staff schedules, authorising leave, and conducting performance reviews
  • Working with the sales team to achieve the store’s targets
  • Maintaining standards on the shop floor
  • Conducting stock and paperwork audits
  • Serving customers and resolving escalated complaints

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Roles of a Travel Agent

Travel Agents work remotely or in a high-street store. Preferred traits of applicants include outstanding communication skills and national and international geographical knowledge.

Travel Agent roles and responsibilities:

  • Listening to customers requirements and recommending suitable destinations and packages
  • Booking flights, accommodation, and tours
  • Providing travel information, including travel visas and vaccinations
  • Dealing with customer complaints
  • Conducting outreach activities to high-spending customers
  • Selling travel insurance
  • Ordering foreign currency

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Roles of a Shop Assistant

Shop Assistants are tasked with helping customers, making product recommendations, and completing sales. Candidates do not usually require qualifications, but they must be proficient in maths and English.

Shop Assistant roles and responsibilities:

  • Listening to clients and determining their needs
  • Processing sales through POS systems and collecting payment
  • Restocking shelves and maintaining cleanliness
  • Erecting in-store and window advertising displays
  • Resolving customer complaints
  • Performing credit checks and printing contracts

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Roles of a Retail Executive

Retail Executives are designated sales, customer services, or stocking tasks. They work in shopping centres, retail parks, and town centres.

Retail roles and responsibilities:

  • Approaching customers to sell products and services
  • Processing transactions through the till
  • Updating window displays
  • Conducting product demonstrations
  • Checking stock and ordering items for home delivery
  • Printing receipts and invoices
  • Reporting fraud and shoplifting incidents

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Roles of a Cashier

The duties of a Cashier are usually undertaken in supermarkets, car dealerships, banks, and larger retail stores. Top candidates will be trustworthy, have excellent numerical skills, and strive for accuracy.

Cashier roles and responsibilities:

  • Scanning or manually entering the details of goods
  • Providing a balance and collecting payments in cash, card, or contactless methods
  • Processing returns and giving refunds
  • Balancing the cash register and preparing bank remittances 
  • Investigating discrepancies

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Roles of a Customer Assistant

The role of a Customer Assistant includes providing information, answering incoming calls, and resolving complaints. Candidates should be polite, personable, motivated, and empathetic.

Customer Assistant roles and responsibilities:

  • Fielding incoming calls and handling email enquiries
  • Recommending solutions and listening to complaints
  • Directing calls to the appropriate department
  • Collaborating as part of a team to achieve overall goals
  • Interacting with customers in a positive and confident manner
  • Directing customer to product locations

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Roles of an Estate Agent

Estate Agents do not need a degree or certification, but they should possess excellent communication skills and have commercial awareness.

Estate Agent roles and responsibilities:

  • Collecting property details and creating listings
  • Scheduling viewings and meetings with prospective buyers
  • Negotiating prices and providing information on the next steps
  • Recommending suitable residential or commercial properties for sale or rent
  • Ensuring sales meet legal compliance and regulations
  • Contacting parties to provide progress updates

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Roles of a Merchandiser

Merchandisers ensure the correct distribution of stock and promotional materials to stores. Qualified candidates might have a merchandising or marketing degree.

Merchandiser roles and responsibilities:

  • Reviewing historical data and determining the stock needs of stores
  • Researching market trends to assess projected demand
  • Reviewing the activities of competitors
  • Analysing feedback from customers and stores
  • Liaising with suppliers and distributors
  • Tracking the success of different store layouts and display types

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Roles of a Store Assistant

The duties of Store Assistants include greeting customers, restocking displays, and processing payments. Great Store Assistants have a genuine passion for helping people and identifying their needs.

Store Assistant roles and responsibilities:

  • Constructing product and advertising displays
  • Replenishing stock and conducting stock checks
  • Receiving deliveries and unpacking the stock
  • Processing payments through the till
  • Maintaining a clean and safe environment
  • Responding to customer requests and enquiries

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Roles of a Buyer

Buyers are usually college or university educated with a diploma or degree in fashion buying, merchandising, retail business management, or marketing. Candidates considered for senior positions attain further qualifications through the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply.

Buyer roles and responsibilities:

  • Researching the quality and price of products, parts, and equipment
  • Building supplier relationships and negotiating contracts
  • Processing requisitions and arranging transport
  • Escalating discrepancies and deficiencies with suppliers
  • Tracking orders
  • Updating inventory and stock levels

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