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Key Sales Roles

Key Sales Roles

Post Series: Job Description Roles and Responsibilities

Whether it is Business-to-Business (B2B) or Business-to-Customer (B2C), most companies have a product or service to promote and sell. The core of a sales role is to seal the deal, bring in new business, ensure revenue growth, and hit those targets. Still, there are many intricacies, side tasks, and considerations that affect profitability, brand reputation, and customer satisfaction. Great salespeople do more than just sell, so it is crucial to hire skilled talent in all aspects of the role.

Your Sales job descriptions detail the Sales functions and how they fit into your company culture. Whether you run your own business on a regional level or are a national corporate with sales territories across the UK, your sales process, sales funnel, and company growth is in the hands of your sales reps.

Depending on the company size and type, your Sales team might be responsible for:

  • Hitting individual sales targets and sales goals
  • Creating detailed business plans
  • Providing quality customer service to existing customers
  • Managing the entire sales cycle
  • Sourcing potential customers and generating new sales
  • Implementing your business’s sales strategy and sales methodology
  • Managing the team’s performance
  • Long-term business development through a longer sales cycle
  • Reducing churn by ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Developing proposals and negotiating deals

Sales skills

The sales team is responsible for delivering your revenue operations, profit, and business growth. The actions of sales teams will determine if your business underperforms or exceeds its goals, so it is vital to bring in the sales skills that build a recipe for success.

To fulfil the sales role and sales process, you need sales managers and sales reps with soft and hard skills that include:

  • Existing and proven sales experience
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • The drive and willingness to solve problems
  • The ability to work independently
  • Leadership skills and motivation (Sales Leaders)
  • The ability to pick up on small verbal cues and body language (Sales Development Representatives / Account Managers)
  • Time management, organisation, and task prioritisation 
  • Knowledge of industry and market trends (Sales Specialists)
  • IT skills, including proficiency using sales reporting, analysis, and CRM tools
  • Presentation skills (Regional Sales Managers / Chief Sales Officer / Sales Consultants / Outside Sales Rep / Sales Development Rep)
  • Active listening
  • Recruitment, training, and mentoring (Sales Operations Managers / Sales Managers)
  • Strategic thinking

How to hire an Sales person

Job advertising for Sales will vary depending on the sales role and sales skills you need. You will want to leverage a recruitment strategy that encompasses advertising on general and specialist sales job boards, social media, and word of mouth referrals. Your sales hiring strategy might also include having a presence at trade shows, sales conferences and online with sales organisations.

To ensure you get the proper amount of applicants for your sales rep, account executive, sales manager role, and customer success roles, you need to write an effective job description, using the correct job title.

The job title should accurately describe the role and include the keywords candidates might use during their search. Examples of job titles include Customer Success Office, Sales Engineers, Sales Representatives, Account Executive Role, Sales Specialist, Sales Enablement Officer, and Account Manager.

Flat fee recruitment solutions continue to deliver the best results when hiring for sales positions.

What are the Sales roles?

The duties of the sales team are completed by roles titled as:

  • Sales Representatives
  • Customer Success Executive
  • Sales Development rep
  • Sales Enablement Officer
  • Account Executives
  • Account Managers
  • Sales Operations Managers

Sales roles and responsibilities

Here we reveal the roles and responsibilities of sales professionals, from consultants to managers, directors, and even sales recruiters. These duties will become part of your job descriptions and job adverts, so it pays to get them right.

Roles of a Sales Assistant

A Sales Assistant does not require particular qualifications but should possess excellent communication and maths skills. They either have previous industry experience or learn about products and services on the job.

Sales Assistant roles and responsibilities:

  • Assisting customers over the phone or on the sales floor
  • Processing sales transactions, placing orders, and making refunds
  • Receiving stock deliveries and conducting inventory audits
  • Ensuring merchandise is clean and well presented
  • Handling customer complaints and questions
  • Balancing the till and preparing bank remittances 

View a complete Sales Assistant Job Description here.

Roles of a Retail Assistant

The duties of a Retail Assistant are customer-facing and conducted in a shop, market, or retail park. The best Retail Assistants are reliable, polite, punctual, and computer literate.

Retail Assistant roles and responsibilities:

  • Greeting customers as they enter the store and determining their needs
  • Selling relevant products or add-on services
  • Highlighting the features and benefits of products
  • Answering customer questions about products and their specifications
  • Processing sales and refund transactions through the POS system
  • Remaining vigilant for financial fraud and shoplifting

View a complete Retail Assistant Job Description here.

Roles of a Sales Manager

Candidates for Sales Manager positions may have a marketing, mathematics, or business administration degree. Alternatively, they may have industry or previous leadership experience.

Sales Manager roles and responsibilities:

  • Hiring, training, and appraising sales staff
  • Creating staff schedules to adequately cover busy times
  • Setting sales goals for individuals and teams
  • Monitoring expenditure and budgets
  • Implementing sales strategies and collaborating with the marketing team to bring new products to the market
  • Attending industry events, conferences, and workshops

View a complete Sales Manager Job Description here.

Roles of a Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment Consultants have HR or recruitment experience and connect candidates to suitable jobs. They work in large organisations or recruitment agencies.

Recruitment Consultant roles and responsibilities:

  • Arranging advertising to attract applicants
  • Conducting background checks, obtaining references, and conducting job interviews
  • Screening candidates and assessing their skills
  • Filling temporary and permanent positions
  • Creating candidate shortlists
  • Reporting to the head of HR
  • Monitoring recruitment budgets
  • Liaising with clients to determine their needs

View a complete Recruitment Consultant Job Description here.

Roles of a Commercial Manager

Top candidates for Commercial Manager positions should have superb communication, organisation, and leadership skills. They drive growth by spotting market opportunities and aligning activities with the company’s commercial goals and business strategy.

Commercial Manager roles and responsibilities:

  • Developing business strategies and setting company targets
  • Collaborating with marketing and sales teams
  • Analysing market trends and assessing strategic risks
  • Building beneficial partner relationships
  • Developing expansion plans and growth models
  • Providing advice to senior management

View a complete Commercial Manager Job Description here.

Roles of a Product Owner

Product Owners typically have a computer engineering or similar degree and have developed their problem-solving and analytical skills. Their duties include managing the entire design and production process.

Product Owner roles and responsibilities:

  • Developing product strategies that drive business growth and meet company goals
  • Overseeing product conception, design, and production
  • Researching customer needs and generating product ideas
  • Presenting ideas to stakeholders and the leadership team
  • Auditing and reviewing products

View a complete Product Owner Job Description here.

Roles of a Sales Advisor

Sales Advisors are tasked with pairing the best products to customer needs. They should be professional, trustworthy, and confident in their customer interactions.

Sales Advisor roles and responsibilities:

  • Explaining the features and benefits of the company’s products
  • Arranging advertising displays and merchandise
  • Processing sales transactions through the POS system
  • Solving customer issues and resolving complaints
  • Maintaining customer records and databases
  • Answering telephone calls and providing outstanding customer service

View a complete Sales Advisor Job Description here.

Roles of a Sales Executive

Sales Executives should be passionate about exceeding sales and customer satisfaction targets. They should be able to close deals and develop long-lasting client relationships.

Sales Executive roles and responsibilities:

  • Acting as the face of the company
  • Pursuing sales leads and negotiating deals
  • Promoting new services and products
  • Building and maintaining a professional network
  • Preparing financial and sales reports
  • Preparing quotes and handling enquiries 
  • Maintaining an awareness of industry news and trends

View a complete Sales Executive Job Description here.

Roles of an Account Executive

Candidates for Account Executive roles should have significant sales experience and be adept at leveraging different strategies to nurture client relationships and generate sales.

Account Executive roles and responsibilities:

  • Creating sales lead strategies and increasing sales from existing customers 
  • Identifying clients needs and recommending products and solutions
  • Demonstrating products and closing sales
  • Maintaining perspective and active client databases
  • Building long-lasting client relationships
  • Conducting negotiations and handling complaints

View a complete Account Executive Job Description here.

Roles of a Sales Director

Qualified Sales Directors will have a degree in marketing, sales, or a related field. A Sales Director should possess leadership qualities and have a proven sales track record.

Sales Director roles and responsibilities:

  • Formulating strategies to assist the sales team
  • Overseeing sales activities and ensuring they drive growth
  • Creating action plans to achieve financial goals
  • Monitoring market and customer trends
  • Mentoring sales managers and the broader sales team
  • Conducting regular and annual sales meetings
  • Building strong partner relationships

View a complete Sales Director Job Description here.

Sales job FAQs

Here we answer your questions on hiring candidates for sales jobs.

What are different roles in sales?

The sales team performs various roles and sales jobs are usually internal (Account Executives) or external (Sales Reps). Account Executives communicate with customers and potential clients over the phone and by email or chat. A Sales Representative is on the road, traveling to meet customers face-to-face. 

Customer success is found and sustained by the sales team in both internal and external roles. A Sales Operations Manager oversees internal and external Sales Development Reps, Account Managers, and Sales Executives.

What are job titles for sales?

The job titles for sales include:

1. Sales Manager
2. Account Executive
3. Sales Rep
4. Sales Operations Manager
5. Regional Sales Manager
6. Account Manager
7. Sales Development Representative
8. Customer Service Representative
9. Chief Sales Officer
10. Business Development Rep
11. Sales Representative
12. Sales Specialist
13. Sales Support
14. Sales Engineer
15. Sales VP

What are the main roles of the sales force?

The main roles of the sales team is to find new leads, convert them into customers, close deals, and nurture customer satisfaction.

Sales roles – The responsibilities of all Sales roles

If your business is creating a job description for hiring a sales manager or sales development representative , you can discover the day to day duties and responsibilities for each sales position by viewing the resources below:

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