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Where To Post Job Ads

Where To Post Job Ads

Gone are the days where you called up your local recruitment agency to let them know about your latest job opening. The norm now is to advertise your job online. This raises a number of questions. 

Approximately 300,000 companies advertise jobs online in the UK.

  1. Where do you advertise your job?
  2. How do you make your job stand out from your competitors?
  3. How do you manage your applicants?

For most industries, advertising on a general job board will be the most appropriate. There are always exceptions (IT being a big one – will cover further down). If you work within recruitment, it is likely that you have come across these 11, well-known job boards. The thing is that they aren’t all equal, as you will see later.



Total Jobs

Total Jobs

Telegraph Jobs

Telegraph Jobs




Monster Jobs


Job Site


Jobs Today


Gumtree Jobs

TheGuardian Jobs

Guardian Jobs



CV Library

CV Library

Universal Jobmatch (Jobcentre Plus)

Universal Jobmatch

Are you surprised by any of them?

The top 10 job boards make up around 66% of all jobs advertised. The biggest shock might be that the Guardian doesn’t feature in the top 20 job boards by volume. The most likely reason is that unless you are buying a high volume of adverts with them, they are a prohibitively expensive site to work with.

The list of the top 20, with market share, are:

Rank Job board Percentage of Jobs Advertised
1 Jobcentre Plus* 13.29%
2 LinkedIn* 9.21%
3 NewsQuest Group (any of their newspapers) 8.23%
4 Indeed* 7.30%
5 Reed* 5.76%
6 The Telegraph Jobs* 5.56%
7 Total Jobs* 5.43%
8 Regional Engineering Jobs 4.27%
9 CvLibrary* 3.54%
10 Fish4Jobs* 3.52%
11 JobSite* 2.91%
12 Express and Star 2.54%
13 Monster Jobs* 2.13%
14 Job Serve 1.94%
15 British Jobs 1.68%
16 Engineer Board 1.44%
17 Cw Jobs 1.04%
18 Career Builder 1.02%
19 Leisure Jobs 0.87%
20 Engineering Jobs 0.82%

*Hiring People work with these sites – 8 out of the top 10!

Should you advertise on more than one of them?

I will try to answer this question in an unbiased fashion, as we would naturally want you to advertise your job across multiple sites with us.

Certains sites, such as TotalJobs, Reed and Indeed will be visited by a large percentage of job seekers. The issue is that if your job is only on one of those sites, it is unlikely that all job seekers will be reviewing all sites.

What about the quality of applicants?

Our experience is that applicants from Universal Jobmatch are generally lower than other (paid) sites; Universal Jobmatch is free for employers to post their jobs, and we include it as part of our packages (it is one of the other job boards your job gets posted to). The main reason we believe for the lower quality applicant is due to the targets which job seekers have in terms of the number of jobs to apply to a week. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t great applicants through Universal Jobmatch, you might just have to spend more time going through CVs to find them.

IT, Leisure and Engineering Jobs

Out of the top twenty job sites, there are three sectors which stand out as having industry-specific job sites, with Engineering being the most prominent, so it is advisable if you have an appropriate job to advertise on one of those sites. Even though we don’t include them in our standard job advertising packages, if you give us a call, we can put together a bespoke job advertising solution for you.

Making your job standout

There are literally millions of jobs advertised online at any point in time, so how do you get your job to stand out? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Include detail in your job advert about the job. Be as specific as you can be.
  2. Have above industry pay
  3. Include a greater number of days holiday (or even unlimited holiday)
  4. Advertise your job on multiple locations

Managing Applicants

If you click this link you will find that the average job seeker has to apply to 27 jobs to get an interview, meaning that if you invite 3 people in, you would on average have 81 applicants per position, which is great for you as you will have lots of choices, but it then leads to the question of how do you manage so many applicants? The answer is an applicant tracking system (ATS). Included with our fees is access to our ATS.

An ATS allows you to:

  • Flag applicants who you wish to follow up with
  • Email applicants directly (instead of going between different systems)
  • Make notes against applicants, including saving them for future openings


You may have noticed that I haven’t suggested advertising your job directly on your website. For most businesses, unless you are a very well known brand, it is unlikely that you will get enough applicants, so please ignore this comment! For most businesses, advertising your job on the UK’s leading job sites will result in a good number of applicants for your jobs.

Happy Recruiting!

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