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The Roles Of Civil Service Professionals

The Roles Of Civil Service Professionals

Civil service jobs are far-reaching with a wide variety of positions and responsibilities. Civil service roles range from enforcing the law and protecting the general public to arranging housing or collecting census data. If you are hiring for one of these positions, you need comprehensive job descriptions that convey to candidates the position’s duties.

Here we look at various civil service roles and highlight the tasks and responsibilities for each job.

Roles of a DWP Work Coach

A DWP Work Coach is responsible for providing support, advice, and coaching to help people find an appropriate job. They help people on Income Support secure work and achieve financial freedom.

DWP Work Coach roles and responsibilities:

  • Providing coaching and support to individuals on Income Support
  • Maintaining Equity Act compliance
  • Building positive relationships to achieve desired outcomes
  • Guiding job searches to improve their effectiveness
  • Complying with policies and regulations
  • Making career and training recommendations

View a complete DWP Work Coach Job Description here.

Roles of a Census Officer

Census Officers play a crucial role, periodically visiting homes to collate population information. They should be effective communicators and tech-savvy.

Census Officer roles and responsibilities:

  • Visiting residential homes to collect data and update census records
  • Helping individuals understand the importance and purpose of the census
  • Quickly building trust and ensuring confidentiality
  • Visiting the number of premises set out in the daily quota
  • Performing second visits to collect data
  • Working as part of a team and across unusual hours

View a complete Census Officer Job Description here.

Roles of a Housing Officer

Housing Officers work with local authorities or private companies to manage housing. They assign houses, collect rent, and arrange maintenance.

Housing Officer roles and responsibilities:

  • Allocating accommodation to tenants based on set priorities
  • Handling complaints and antisocial behaviour
  • Collecting rent payments and arranging property inspections
  • Organising maintenance
  • Taking legal action against non-paying tenants
  • Attending tenancy meetings

View a complete Housing Officer Job Description here.

Roles of a Property Manager

Property Managers conduct management tasks on behalf of the landlord. They act as an intermediary between tenant and landlord, arranging payments and maintenance.

Property Manager roles and responsibilities:

  • Interview potential renters and arrange rental contracts
  • Conducting property inspections
  • Arranging maintenance visits
  • Chasing payments and handling evictions
  • Advertising houses and apartments available for rent
  • Confirming renters identity and acquiring references and security deposits

View a complete Property Manager Job Description here.

Roles of a Community Manager

A Community Manager provides support for community members. They arrange community initiatives and ensure resources reach the areas that need them.

Community Manager roles and responsibilities:

  • Communicating with the community across various media
  • Identifying development opportunities
  • Promoting community initiatives
  • Steering policies and best practices
  • Handling support questions
  • Building relationships with industry professionals and journalists

View a complete Community Manager Job Description here.

Roles of a Compliance Officer

Compliance Officer duties include ensuring organisations comply with local and national guidelines. They oversee safety laws, company policies, and best practices.

Compliance Officer roles and responsibilities:

  • Performing risk and safety assessments
  • Recording and reporting on issues
  • Monitoring compliance with laws and policies
  • Coordinating compliance audits with different departments
  • Investigating irregularities and escalating concerns
  • Interpreting data and making informed decisions

View a complete Compliance Officer Job Description here.

Roles of a Forensic Psychologist 

The duties of Forensic Psychologists consist of applying criminal psychological theories to investigations. They work with investigating officers and convicted criminals.

Forensic Psychologist roles and responsibilities:

  • Studying behaviours of criminals and formulating psychological theories
  • Conducting offender risk assessments
  • Providing testimony in court
  • Conducting research and profiling offenders
  • Consulting with legal teams and investigators
  • Implementing behavioural management plans

View a complete Forensic Psychologist Job Description here.

Roles of a Security Officer

Security Officers control access to buildings and premises. They monitor CCTV, sign-in visitors, and conduct patrols.

Security Officer roles and responsibilities:

  • Monitoring close circuit TV and alarms
  • Patrolling premises in-vehicle or on-foot
  • Conducting building inspections for signs of unauthorised access
  • Controlling entry at access points
  • Documenting incidents and liaising with the police
  • Confirming the identity of visitors

View a complete Security Officer Job Description here.

Roles of a Police Officer

Police Officers maintain public order and apprehend criminals. They respond to emergency calls and conduct patrols on foot or in marked police vehicles.

Police Officer roles and responsibilities:

  • Responding to emergencies and crime reports
  • Investigating incidents and interviewing suspects
  • Maintaining the integrity and access to crime scenes
  • Arresting suspects and wanted criminals
  • Providing advice to the public and businesses on crime prevention
  • Giving evidence in court to secure convictions

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