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Top 5 mistakes to avoid when writing a job advert

Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Writing A Job Advert

When you start the recruitment process, you want to fill the position quickly and with the right person. This often means creating a job description and advert to let people know you are hiring, your employment criteria, and benefits. Making mistakes when writing a job advert can be costly and a missed opportunity to strengthen your company and team.

Honesty is of utmost importance, so don’t lie, hide the truth, be obscure or exaggerate. If you are dishonest, you are only setting you and your candidate up for a bad match. You and your candidate may find this out during the job interview, probation, or worse, after probation when they have cost you money and time.

So, what mistakes should you avoid when writing a job advert? 

Job advert writing mistakes

The top five mistakes to avoid when writing a job advert include:

  1. Confusing people – You do not want to discourage applications and miss out on the top talent because your job description is confusing. To create clear and concise job advertising, you should keep the job title simple and avoid jargon and acronyms unless these are important for determining the candidate’s abilities and understanding. This determination might be appropriate for B2B roles, where anyone who doesn’t know the abbreviations is not suitable for the role. It is also essential to be consistent, so avoid writing a job role that does not match the job title.
  2. Hiding the salary – Whether you are offering the average salary for a basic role or hiring for one of the UK’s highest-paid jobs, hiding the salary makes candidates think you are a dishonest employer that could end up wasting their time. Make the salary expectations reasonable considering your ideal candidate’s experience, skills, location, and responsibilities.
  3. Not proofreading – Misspellings and sentences that don’t make sense are a common result of not proofreading your job advert. By not spotting and resolving these writing errors, you make your job advert hard to read and understand, making your company look bad and like it has low standards.
  4. Unreasonable expectations – Don’t ask too much of one person or fall into the trap of including the expectations of not just the individual but your whole team. For example, you may not need a marketing manager with experience doing every marketing task, as managers manage a team of specialists that themselves carry out these tasks. It helps to check your facts and not, for example, ask for ten years of experience in a tool that has only been around for seven years. And yes, we have seen job adverts like this.
  5. Making it hard to read – A common job advert writing mistake is writing too much text. By creating a long job advert, you run the risk of not engaging with prospective candidates. Remember that your goal is to inform candidates of your criteria and to motivate applications.

How common mistakes harm your recruitment drive

Whether you are guilty of one or all of the common job advert writing mistakes, it is likely that people won’t apply. Not only will you make the company look bad, but you will also waste time, budget, and resources while also incurring costs in lost production or performance.

Your existing team might be put under undue stress covering the staff shortage. You customers might also receive poor service caused by the ongoing deficiency in skills, expertise, and knowledge.

Help writing and advertising job roles

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