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Which Websites Are Job Seekers Most Active On?

Upon requests from our clients, we carried out some research on web traffic to help them understand which job sites have the most visitors; this, as you know, is a key consideration when choosing which company to work with. The results were pretty mind blowing.

With the help of SimilarWeb, we learnt that if you had placed an advert with Reed in the past 6 months, in an average month, you could expect roughly 11.9 million visitors to their website. However, it should be noted that over the past 6 months, that traffic has dropped significantly, with traffic in July of 13 million visitors compared with only 8.5m visitors in December.


December may not be a fair reflection of a ‘typical’ month, so let’s consider November. In November Reed had 10.7 million visitors to their site, which is closer to their annual average, but still less.

When we compared July and November, Reed had around three million fewer visitors, suggesting one of two things:

  • More people look for jobs in July
  • Reed aren’t generating as much traffic to their website as they previously did

Our clients wanted to know what our combined audience of website visitors is; that is, across the whole network of job sites that we work with. The answer to this question is that, on average, our combined number of website visitors per month is in excess of 40 million, which means that one of our adverts would have an audience 4 times the size of Reed’s.

Apart from more website traffic and candidate applications, our clients wanted to know how else they benefit from placing adverts with us. We pointed out that the job board industry is fiercely competitive and with companies constantly battling to gain their share of candidate traffic, companies can access the highest volumes when working with resellers who have access to vast networks of job sites.

Excluding Indeed (who operate on a pay per click basis, instead of on a monthly campaign basis), the websites which Hiring People work with cover around 70% of the market, demonstrating the value of job adverting and flat fee recruitment, offered by Hiring People.

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