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How To Write A Job Description

How to write a job description

By writing an effective job description you will increase your chances of securing the best talent for your company.

Here are our tips when creating a job description.

Get the format right! Job descriptions are often the first impression a potential employee will have of your company so use the following sections:

  • General information – to include Job Title, Industry, Employment Type, Location, Qualifications & Salary.
  • Company Overview
  • Responsibilities
  • Experience Required
  • Good reasons to apply

Writing a job description?

We have produced a template to help you create the perfect job profile. We can also send you job descriptions, just enter the job title required and we will share.

What would you like?

Engage with all of the stakeholders when compiling a job description. This is vital as it will increase the suitability of CVs you receive, it will reduce the number of interviews required to find the ideal candidate and it will minimise the time it takes to fill the position.

Sell the company. What is special about your company? Why should people want to work for you? Ensure

Language is so important. The reader needs to understand the job and not be put off by terminology which may only be used within your company.

Be Realistic! The job description needs to be an accurate representation of the position. Be clear on the scope of the position and the responsibilities. When writing a job description you are laying the foundations for your company by documenting requirements akin to your business so it is worth getting it right now!
you give an insight into the culture of the company, the people who work there and what it is that makes it such an enjoyable place to work.

Use Keywords but don’t spam. Virtually every job site will place importance on job title, category information & key words. It’s helpful to use these but avoid using them excessively as this will detract from a well written and professional document.

Good candidates are hard to attract in a competitive market so you want to give your company an advantage when trying to recruit the best people please call us for further assistance.

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