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Writing Better Job Descriptions In 2021

Writing better job descriptions in 2021

In 2020, the recruitment market was predicted to become an even more competitive space with Brexit fast approaching, and despite the unknown impact this would have had on our country, line managers and recruiters would soon discover other challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

While world events don’t affect the ways in which we create a job description or job advert, the demand for workers was somewhat non-existent for a great many industries.

How working has changed in the past 12 months 

The workplace has changed significantly over the past twelve months. In response to the pandemic, many employees are remote working, and employers have embraced flexibility, risen to unexpected challenges, and adopted new technologies. However, keeping your business running and protecting your employees’ safety and physical health is only part of the picture.

Our top tip: Advertise the Happiness of your employees

Employee happiness and mental wellbeing are the driving factors of increased employee productivity, loyalty, and attendance. People respect employers that make allowances for our daily lives, which for many has included working from home and allowing them to have a career and care for self-isolating relatives, and home-schooling children. It takes strong leadership, clear communication, and trust to maintain or become a high-performing organisation in the current landscape.

Where are the best places to work in the UK?

The best workplaces acquire 40% more applicants on average when listing a job advert, with excellent levels of brand advocacy and retention. If you are looking to recruit, whether en-mass or for a single essential position, your job descriptions need to demonstrate how your company culture and values reflect supporting employees during a time of unprecedented challenges.

Begin updating your descriptions by analysing and considering performance standards, competencies, job location, hours, management expectations, and travel expectations. Ultimately, this could be the first impression a person has of your company, so get it right! 

Getting started

When writing job descriptions in 2021, there is a lot of free support. We ourselves have a large job description template library to help you find the right candidate. We also help you to advertise your job across a variety of online job boards and social media channels as we ll as providing recruitment software to help you manage candidates, applicants, interviews and more!

The best part is it costs significantly less than hiring a recruitment agency. with fixed cost recruitment, you pay a one-off fixed fee for job advert exposure. Take a look at our job advertising packages, get in touch or click here to learn more about the benefits of fixed-rate recruitment.

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