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Area Manager Job Description

Area Managers drive company sales by ensuring that the stores within their region operate efficiently.

We are hiring an Area Manager to direct and observe the functions of a cohort of stores. As Area Manager you will be required to develop business plans, monitor sales and ensure adherence to company procedures. You should also encourage the provision of uniform service by the stores under your supervision.

To succeed as an Area Manager, you should be able to allocate your time and energy in an effective manner, such that all stores derive benefit from your expertise. Ultimately, an exceptional Area Manager will promote collaboration between our stores to encourage a semblance of community, and to boost sales.

Area Manager Responsibilities:

  • Evaluate existing operations and developing appropriate strategies.
  • Train Store Managers in, effective sales and supervisory techniques.
  • Monitor sales across stores to check that quotas are met.
  • Create and communicating sales targets at regular intervals.
  • Detect, investigating, and remedying discrepancies in sales across stores, if required.
  • Set and implementing performance standards across all stores.
  • Ensure that employees observe company protocols.
  • Collaborate with other Area Managers to ensure that operations are consistent across the board.
  • Travel to stores to conduct your duties on-site, and manage as needed.
  • Inform your Manager of progress and pitfalls on a regular basis.

Area Manager Requirements:

  • Previous experience as an Area Manager for stores of a similar size.
  • Expert knowledge of pertinent financial and employee tracking software.
  • Valid driver’s licence.
  • Capacity to lead with poise and conviction.
  • Ability to devise relevant and innovative strategies.
  • Strong supervisory, interpersonal, and collaborative skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication.
  • A voice of reason, especially in trying circumstances.
  • Training in Management, Finance, or Sales is preferred.

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