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Auditor Job Description

Auditors help businesses increase their efficiency and develop strategies to improve they internal control systems.

We are looking for an organised, analytical Auditor to help us examine our current policies and procedures and help us develop strategies to improve our internal control systems. The Auditor will meet with employees and managers to collect information, analyse data, identify problems and weaknesses, and help management develop strategies to minimise or eliminate errors. You will also ensure that all strategies, policies, and procedures comply with current local, state, and federal regulations.

To be a successful Auditor, you should be focused on helping businesses optimise operations and ensuring that their policies and procedures are in compliance with current regulations. You should be knowledgeable, objective, logical, and detail oriented.

Auditor Responsibilities:

  • Work with companies and government agencies to ensure to research and solve problems and develop policies and procedures that comply with current legislation.
  • Record, review, and interpret data to determine the effectiveness of operations.
  • Research discrepancies, operational problems, or other issue.
  • Analyse, evaluate, develop, and implementing new control systems that optimise operations or utilise new technologies.
  • Bring company strengths and weaknesses to the attention of management and providing advice as they develop responses or fixes for these issues.
  • Examine records, reports, receipts, or other documents and comparing them to company assets and liabilities.
  • Generate reports and presenting findings to management or other interested parties.
  • Maintain awareness of current industry trends, technology, and developments.
  • Handle additional duties and special projects to ensure the business is operating efficiently, effectively, and in compliance with all current regulations.

Auditor Requirements:

  • Over 3+ years of experience in a relevant field is generally required.
  • Additional distinctions or certifications may be preferred or required.
  • In-depth industry knowledge regarding best practices, policies, current regulations, and technology.
  • Exceptional research, planning, problem solving, critical thinking, and math skills.
  • Excellent presentation, collaboration, and verbal and written communication skills.
  • Proficiency with computers, especially bookkeeping or financial software and MS Office.
  • High level of efficiency, accuracy, integrity, and attention to detail.
  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as Accounting, Finance, Computer Science, or Business.

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