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Fence Erector Job Description

We are recruiting for a talented Fence Erector to help with our client’s fencing requirements. As Fence Erector you will be required to inspect locations to ascertain their suitability, you must advise on appropriate fencing materials and then build and place these barriers in specified areas. You should also ensure that sites are free from waste before you leave.

To succeed as a Fence Erector, you should possess an understanding of the ways in which climates and terrains dictate fencing solutions. An outstanding Fence Erector will propose materials and finishes that fit with the aesthetic of the sites on which they work.

Fence Erector Responsibilities:

  • Inspect property plans to determine the parameters of each site when these are unclear.
  • Conduct site inspections to ascertain the amount of materials needed to complete each installation.
  • Correspond with clients to determine the types and functions of the fencing they require.
  • Measure the length of each section that requires fencing and determine the requisite height of each fence in collaboration with clients.
  • Suggest alternate finishes based on the climate, topography, and appearance of each area, if needed.
  • Trim sections of the fence to ensure that they are appropriate in size.
  • Prepare the site by digging holes and trenches in which the fencing will be positioned.
  • Join, raise and secure segments of the fence in place.
  • Check for gaps and vulnerabilities in the fencing and correcting these, if needed.
  • Issue warranties for completed projects.

Fence Erector Requirements:

  • Qualified by training and/or experience.
  • Licence to install electric fencing is highly advantageous.
  • Ability to operate the appropriate tools and equipment.
  • Excellent visuospatial and measurement skills.
  • A firm grasp of relevant math and physics principles.
  • Perceptive, with outstanding judgment.
  • Superb interpersonal abilities, including excellent communication.
  • Capacity to fulfil your duties independently and on time.
  • Physically fit and dexterous.

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