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Junior Project Manager Job Description

We are looking for a Junior Project Manager to help theorize and oversee multiple projects within our company.  As Junior Project Manager you will be responsible for detecting gaps that can be closed by projects, collaborating with co-workers to propose suitable endeavours and overseeing the allocation of financial and human resources.

To succeed as Junior Project Manager, you should be able to track performance across an array of developments. Suitable Project Managers will harness employees’ unique strengths to promote the viability of all projects.

Junior Project Manager Requirements:

  • Identify needs that can be successfully addressed by projects.
  • Pitch project ideas and securing approval before each project commences.
  • Outline the human and material resources required to successfully complete each project.
  • Develop new project plans in consultation with stakeholders, including clients and staff.
  • Formulate a resource allocation strategy, and utilizing this to distribute work and finances.
  • Monitor staff performance to ensure excellence and adherence to specified deadlines.
  • Evaluate each project’s effectiveness by consulting with clients, consumers, and staff.
  • Report on each project’s utility upon the uptake of outputs.
  • Consult with the assigned Project Manager to seek guidance and input during the key phase of each project.

Junior Project Manager Requirements:

  • Experience as a Junior Project Manager or possess suitable skills.
  • In-depth understanding of prevailing project management methods.
  • Forethought, with the capacity to identify and minimize risks.
  • Ability to detect and capitalize on others’ strengths.
  • Supervision, delegation, and capacity development abilities.
  • Familiarity with tools and metrics needed to evaluate project performance.
  • Ability to perceive and ameliorate conflict and tension.
  • Degree in a pertinent discipline
  • Recognise Project Management qualification.

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