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Reporting Analyst Job Description

We are sourcing a Reporting Analyst to create data-driven ideas to improve our functioning.

Working as our Reporting Analyst you should obtain appropriate data from all relevant departments, compile and clean this information, and then proceed to analyse the data. You should also inform employees of additional information that may be of use to you, encouraging them to house such information in a secure folder.

To succeed as a Reporting Analyst, you should be able to generate useful deductions from raw information. Suitable Reporting Analysts will continually create and modify databases to meet the needs of our expanding company.

Reporting Analyst Responsibilities:

  • Train and encourage staff to maintain complete databases that can be used for subsequent analysis.
  • Gather raw data from pertinent individuals in each department.
  • Collate such data to facilitate its interpretation.
  • Check and clean data, taking special care to replace erroneous values with correct figures.
  • Analyse data, with due consideration for the influence of missing information, outliers, plus confounding and extraneous variables.
  • Report on insights obtained, which might be utilized to inform business strategies.
  • Consult on areas of uncertainty to promote optimal use of ideas derived from data.
  • Create and update data sets that evolve in tandem with our business’s needs.

Reporting Analyst Requirements:

  • Comprehensive experience as a Reporting Analyst.
  • Knowledge of suitable data analytic processes.
  • Proven experience creating data-driven knowledge that promotes profitability.
  • Capacity to train staff in foundational data entry techniques.
  • Ability to create, update, and share databases.
  • Strong troubleshooting and report writing abilities.
  • Attentive and considerate team player.
  • Degree in Management Information Systems, Finance, Econometrics, Statistics, or similar.

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