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Treasurer Job Description

We are recruiting for an experienced Treasurer to oversee the financial affairs of our company. In this position, you will be responsible for managing the protection of company funds, anticipating the company’s borrowing needs, and preparing financial reports. You will also be required to advise on loans or liquidity investments and ensure the company has sufficient funds to cover operational costs and capital investments.

To succeed, you are required to have in-depth knowledge of accounting practices, a good understanding of banking rules and regulations, and excellent communication skills. A high performing Treasurer can improve a company’s financial standing by expertly assessing risks and managing cash flow correctly.

Treasurer Responsibilities:

  • Advising senior managers on risk assessments including company loans, investments, and liquidity.
  • Anticipating the company’s borrowing needs.
  • Managing the receipt, banking, and protection of company funds.
  • Maintain third-party financial activities.
  • Maintain the financial systems and policies controlling the company’s treasury activities.
  • Handle outsourced treasury functions.
  • Prepare budgets and financial statements.
  • Submit forecasting and financial reports.
  • Implement legislative and financial policies.

Treasurer Requirements:

  • Previous experience working as a Treasurer.
  • Proficient with industry-related financial software systems including SAP and Oracle.
  • Excellent communication and forecasting skills.
  • Detailed knowledge of financial legislature.
  • Knowledge of financing techniques and investment management.
  • Advanced mathematical skills.
  • Ability to write and present financial reports.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Finance.

Download FREE!

To download Treasurer Job Description today just enter your email address!


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