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Video Game Designer Job Description

We are recruiting for a Video Game Designer and we insist that this person has lots of energy, is creative, fun and love their work.

You must have a passion for all genres of games and enthusiasm for coding and storytelling. You must understand the industry and our target markets. As a Video Game Designer you should expect to manage teams of programmers, artists, animators and sound engineers. We need someone who is a great leader, who inspires others.

Your responsibilities will include developing design and gaming protocols, defining game-play mechanics, coordinating with other Video Game Designers, ensuring quality, and meeting with company executives.

To deliver as a Video Game Designer, you should have exceptional coding skills, happy working long hours, thrive under pressure and be passionate about making games that are original and ground-breaking.

Suitable candidates will have experience in game design, knowledge of computer systems and languages, excellent communication and collaboration skills.

Video Game Designer Responsibilities:

  • Create innovative games for entertainment or education purposes.
  • Pitch new game ideas to executives and clients.
  • Conceptualise and develop characters, rules, settings and stories for new games.
  • Prototype new games.
  • Follow industry trends and good practices.
  • Lead and manage multiple teams and projects.
  • Monitor work, cash flows and control budgets.
  • Develop design and gaming protocols.

Video Game Designer Requirements:

  • Enthusiasm and knowledge of the industry.
  • Relevant certification in programming languages.
  • Portfolio of sample projects.
  • Bachelor’s degree in game design, computer science or computer engineering.

Download FREE!

To download Video Game Designer Job Description today just enter your email address!


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