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12 Step Job Advert Checklist

If you haven’t created a job post before, or are an infrequent advert creator, read on for our checklist on items you might want to include and use our job advert template, to create your ad.


    1. Job title
      • Having a clear job title is crucial.
    2. Job location
      • Make sure it is clear from your job advert where the job is based along with information on any relocation expenses which might get paid.


    1. Brief description of your company; make it clear what the company does.
      • This is particularly import for junior roles at a company where it might not be immediately obvious what the company does.
    2. To whom the position reports to
      • Providing information on who a role reports to allows applicants to firstly get an understanding of the corporate structure, along with helping them ask appropriate questions at interview. For advice on interviews, please visit our interview hub for employers.
    3. Outline of the job role including
      • Responsibilities
      • Career progression
        • You want employees to stay with you for a long time, reducing your recruitment costs. It is good to be upfront with them and make it clear what career progression opportunities there are.
      • Day to day tasks
      • Management responsibilities
        • Applicants might be looking for a role with management responsibilities, so make sure this is clear in the job description.
      1. Ideal applicant profile
        • Outline what an ideal job applicant will look like, ranging from years of experience, key qualifications, and so forth.
      2. Qualifications/necessary experience
        • You might have covered qualifications and experience in the applicant profile, but make sure you do include it somewhere on the job description.
      3. Whether the role is full or part time, along with whether it is a fixed term contract or not.
        • If you are advertising a part time role, make sure that is clear, along with whether it is a fixed term contract.
      4. Explanation of the recruitment process
        • This section is less important, but you should include details of how an applicant can apply. If advertising on a job website, it will normally be fairly clear with an “apply now button”
      5. Contact details as required
        • You may wish to include your contact details on a job advert, but this section is purely optional.
      6. Salary
        • Some companies want to include salary information; others are hesitant, especially if advertising at a different rate to current staff, which can create resentment within the workforce.
        • On the other hand, including salary information can increase both the volume and quality of respondents.
      7. Other package details (e.g. pension)
        • If the roles come with other perks, make them clear.

      If you require any help with job advertising, contact us on 0330 100 2230 or email to discuss your needs. Remember that you can advertise with us from only £199.

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