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Recruitment is continuously evolving, with a wealth of new technology being developed to make the lives of both recruiters and job seekers easier. Partners of Research Ltd want to be at the forefront of this process. We are actively working on a number of research and development projects:

  • Check-a-Salary is a salary comparison site. The project is designed to identify average salaries for over 4,600 jobs. Multiple data sources are used and combined.
  • ami is a project to assist job seekers by having a single platform to view advertised jobs from the leading job sites all in one place. Future developments include introducing machine learning to match jobs to job seekers, text parsing of job descriptions to be able to accurately classify, along with machine learning of job seeker behaviour, enabling a better user experience.
  • ScupaCloud is an internal project to identify job posting activity of companies. Some of the technology behind it is hoped to be included in in the future.
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