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Job Description Template Examples

Using a job description template will help you by providing information on what details are required when writing a job description. Using a job template can also help by giving guidance when creating job adverts as well.

The job description will include the job responsibilities, the job duties, and the skills required to perform the role. It will also list everyday tasks that the person is expected to perform.

It will share information about who the role reports to, whether this person will have management responsibilities, and what the goals of the position are.

When using a job template to create a job description it is important that it gives anyone reading the job description a good understanding of how the role fits into the company and in summary what the person is expected to do.

You must include information about expected travel requirements, the employment type, qualifications that are required, expected working hours, indicate the level of the person you require and the amount of experience you expect this person to have.

What are job descriptions used for?

    • To outline the job specification for a new recruit or a member of staff
    • To help provide the foundations for a job advert
    • To use as an internal document
    • To establish a job summary which can be shared with company’s clients
    • To list jobs responsibilities to help employees understand their job role
    • For managers to set targets and give guidelines to help manage their employees
    • For the company to set standards
    • For clarity on what is the required expertise and qualifications required within a job role.

Tips for writing a job description

    • Make it compelling, concise, and detailed
    • Describe accurately the personal characteristics that are required
    • Choose the best suited job title
    • If possible, work with employees to create a true and engaging job description
    • Research the position and know all of key responsibilities
    • Tell your company story
    • Give a clear overview of the job and what the expectations of the position are
    • Avoid using jargon or too much ‘industry talk’
    • Use ‘action words’ to win the attention of the reader
    • Outline that company’s standards
    • Use the present tense
    • Start sentences with verbs
    • Use gender neutral language
    • Ensure it is proofread

What to include in job description?

    • List the job duties in order of most importance
    • Year of experience required
    • Personality traits required
    • Use gender neutral language
    • Include qualifications required
    • Salary and package details
    • What travel is required
    • Can the person work from home?
    • Is a driving license do they required?
    • What are the physical demands in the job?

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