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Free Job Advertising Template & Examples

What is a Job Advert?

A Job Advert is created for the purpose of attracting job seekers to apply for a job vacancy. It broadcasts to jobseekers that a job vacancy is available for applications.

Job adverts can be placed online, on job boards, on social media or on company intranets. You can also find job adverts in newspapers, publications, notice boards, shop windows and mediums affiliated to the job centre.

What is the difference between a Job Description and a Job Advert?

A job advertisement is not the same as a job description or a job specification. A job advert is created to attract and engage with suitable candidates for your company. The tone of the language in a job advert is usually persuasive, whereas a job description is typically for internal use and is more factual. In both a job advert and a job description, the responsibilities and expectations will be displayed.

Before writing your job advert, it may help to create a job description. Doing this will enable the company management to agree on the responsibilities of the position, and to understand what each person expects the recruited candidate to achieve on a daily basis. A job description will help by getting the stakeholders to agree on what qualifications, skills and other key requirements are required.

In short, the purpose of a job advert is to grab the attention of as many potential candidates as possible, while the job description provides more detailed information.

Job Advertisement Template

Using a job advertisement template will help you by providing information on what details are required when creating your job advert.

Using a job advert template provides guidance and gives your job advert the foundations that will help you produce a comprehensive, persuasive advert – this will enable you to create a fantastic first impression about your company and will demonstrate why is it a great place to work and why it is a fantastic opportunity.

By creating a compelling job advert, you will increase your chances of maximising the number of suitable candidates who will apply for the job.

The job advert will need to include the job responsibilities and duties, as well as the skills required to perform the role. In this way, it is similar to a job description. It will also list everyday tasks that the person would be expected to perform.

The job advert will need to share information about who the role reports to, whether this person will have management responsibilities, and what the goals of the position are.

When creating a job advert, it is important that it gives anyone reading it a good understanding of how the role fits into the company and a good summary of what the person is expected to do.

You must include information about expected travel requirements, the employment type, any required  qualifications, the expected working hours, an indication of the level of the person you require and the amount of experience you expect this person to have.

Job Advert Template

Job Advert Template

What to include in a job advert?

You can access a job advert template here, however the key criteria that you should consider including in a job advert are:

  • Job title
  • Location
  • Employment type
  • Overview of company
  • Purpose of position
  • Details of your industry
  • Specialisation
  • Level of job
  • Responsibilities / experience and skills required
  • Salary & benefits
  • Qualifications

How to write a good job advert

  • Make it compelling, concise and detailed
  • Describe accurately the personal characteristics that are required
  • Choose the best suited job title
  • If possible, work with employees to create a true and engaging job description
  • Research the position and know all of the key responsibilities
  • Tell your company story
  • Use persuasive language to sell your company and the opportunity available
  • Give a clear overview of the job and what the expectations of the position are
  • Avoid using jargon or too much ‘industry talk’
  • Use ‘action words’ to win the attention of the reader
  • Outline that company’s standards
  • Use the present tense
  • Start sentences with verbs
  • Use gender neutral language
  • Ensure it is proofread

Where to advertise jobs

There are lots of job boards to choose from – there are many leading brands that you will be familiar with, as well as niche job boards that enable you to be even more targeted with your job advert.

Job Board Resellers, also known as flat fee recruiters, enable you to place your job advert on a network of job boards simultaneously. This fixed fee option is a low-cost way to publish your job advert on as many job sites as possible in one process.


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