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AI Job Description Tools

Best AI Job Description Tool

Writing a compelling job description can be a tough task for your hiring team. The writing task has certainly been facilitated by resources such as job description templates and examples. However, while a traditional job description template is still an invaluable tool, you could save time, create the perfect job description, and attract better candidates by using AI job description tools.

In this article, we help businesses looking to create job descriptions to attract and hire the best talent. We delve into:

  • What are AI job description tools?
  • What is an AI job description generator?
  • The best AI job description tools and job description generators

What Are AI Job Description Tools?

AI Job Description Tools

AI job description tools are software applications that use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to help a company or Hiring Manager create effective job descriptions. These tools analyse the basic information in existing job postings, identify patterns and biases, suggest improvements, and generate new detailed descriptions from scratch.

Some common features of AI job description tools include the following:

  1. Bias detection and removal: These tools can help identify and eliminate biased language that may deter qualified candidates from applying.
  2. Clarity and readability optimisation: These tools can help improve the readability and clarity of job descriptions to make them more appealing to potential candidates.
  3. Skill and keyword matching: These tools can help match the required skills and qualifications with the most relevant job descriptions and keywords.
  4. Diversity and inclusion: Some tools offer features that help ensure job descriptions are inclusive and welcoming to candidates from diverse backgrounds.
  5. Personalisation: Some tools allow users to customise job descriptions based on specific job titles, industries, required skills, and job requirements.

Overall, AI job description tools can help organisations create more effective job descriptions that attract a wider pool of qualified candidates and improve the overall quality of their recruitment efforts.

What Is An AI Job Description Generator?

AI Job Description Generators

An AI job description generator is a software application that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to create job description copy automatically.

Users typically enter job title information and other details, such as the industry and required skills into the generator, which then analyses the data and uses it to generate a comprehensive and optimised job description for the position. The description of jobs can be customised and refined further by the user, who can add, remove, or modify information to better suit their specific needs.

AI job description generators help organisations save time and resources by automating the process of penning job descriptions. They can help eliminate the need for manual writing and editing while ensuring job descriptions are well-structured, optimised for search engines, and free from biased language.

Overall, AI job description generators are an efficient and effective way for organisations to create high-quality job descriptions that attract a broad pool of qualified applicants and improve the efficiency of company recruitment efforts.

The Best AI Job Description Tools And Job Description Generators

Best AI Job Description Copy Generators

Here are the top 20 job description AI tools to help you write a compelling job description that will help your job post catch the eye of prospective employees.

1. is an AI-powered recruitment platform that helps you find and hire the best talent faster and more efficiently. The platform uses the world’s leading AI platform (OpenAI) to build any job description in seconds.

2. Workable is improving its hiring processes with AI-generated customisable job descriptions. The generative AI produces job copy within 30 seconds, with options for personalisation and a friendly or formal tone to match your employer brand and company values.

3. Textio has an AI tool designed to remove hidden bias from your recruitment process. Advanced workplace language guidance and recommended fixes are offered for any copy you create.

4. Talvista is a clovers company that helps you write more effective job descriptions using scientific research and sophisticated algorithms. The AI tool identifies problematic words that detract underrepresented individuals from applying for your vacancy.

5. Jobvite offers a Job Description Grader tool to analyse your JDs and produce a custom report. The custom report helps you overcome hiring obstacles, such as low word count, negative sentiment, or using insensitive words.

6. Ongig recommends using its text analyser software to optimise, test, and remove bias that may deter applicants. The analyser will let you know if you are using overly complex or clinical words, buzzwords, and the right job titles for SEO.

7. Eightfold AI is an AI platform with tools for talent management and acquisition. Powered by deep-learning AI, the platform will help you reduce the time it takes to define role requirements and ultimately write your job descriptions.

8. Job is a job description generator with tools to handle different tasks. You could use artificial intelligence to create an opening paragraph or job summary, or identify skills, qualifications, or responsibilities for a job title or industry.

9. Jasper Chat is a job description generator powered by artificial intelligence. Jasper Chat can write a comprehensive job post that you can personalise, cutting hours from your writing chores.

10. LazyApply has a job description generator trained on millions of job posts. To create an engaging and catchy JD, you set up to 14 parameters, from tone, company URL, job title, working hours, compensation, and more.

11. Vercel is a simple generative tool that lets you produce beautiful job descriptions in seconds. You select the job title, tone, industry, and keywords, to generate a personalised response.

12. Dweet has a mission to ensure you never write a job description from scratch again. Results are engaging, accurate, and free from bias, with the option to input a few sentences about your company.

13. is more of a general copy-generating tool, yet still effective at writing recruitment marketing and hiring content. Simply state what you are looking to create (job description in this case), and input the main points you want to cover.

14. Simplified is a free job description generator that helps you generate text, following one of fifty templates. Follow the prompts and the AI writer creates an error-free copy with checks for spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

15. Recrooit is a job description generator to help you effortlessly attract more referrals and candidates. The AI interface requires a job title, information about your company, why employees will want to join your team, and keywords, to do its work.

16. CraftmyJD will help you secure up to 10x more job applicants with JDs that resonate with a broad cross-section of job seekers. Recruiters and business owners can create a personalised job description in a few seconds.

17. Hyrable uses the power of artificial intelligence to create JDs that appeal to the best candidates. The tool will help you streamline your hiring process with job board posting of your job description in one click.

18. Snape is a job description generator created by springworks. To receive a personalised AI-written copy, you enter data such as the company name, LinkedIn URL, salary range, and location.

19. Joblint is an open-source, free-to-use app that makes improvement suggestions for any job description. The tool assesses the terminology of your copy, highlighting words, terms, and phrases that might disqualify specific candidates.

20. Grammarly is worthy of mention with its new AI-powered desktop and mobile apps. While Grammarly will not write your description, it will ensure any JD written by you or one of the above tools is clear, bold, and mistake-free.

AI Job Description Generator FAQs

Next, we tackle your questions on AI job description generator tools.


There are several AI tools that can help a company create job descriptions, such as, Textio, Joblint, and Talvista. These tools use natural language processing algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyse existing job postings, identify patterns and biases, and suggest improvements or generate new descriptions from scratch.


AI job description analysis refers to the process of using machine learning algorithms to analyse and improve job descriptions. This can include identifying and removing biased language, improving clarity and readability, optimising for search engine rankings, and tailoring the language to attract diverse and qualified people.


There are several websites that can help a company create job descriptions, such as, Ongig, Jobvite, and Workable. These platforms offer a range of features, from pre-written job description templates and sample descriptions to customisable fields and keyword suggestions.


A job description generator is a tool that uses AI algorithms to create a new job description based on specific criteria, such as job title, industry, and required skills. Users can input this information into the tool, which will generate a comprehensive and optimal description that can be posted online on job boards and career sites, or shared with potential candidates.


The benefits of using a job description generator include saving time and resources, ensuring consistency and clarity across multiple job posts, reducing bias and increasing diversity in candidate pools, and improving the quality and relevance of job descriptions. Additionally, using a job post generator can help attract and retain top talent by clearly outlining job responsibilities and expectations.


The amount of time it takes to generate a job description can vary depending on the complexity of the role, the level of customisation required, and the specific AI tool or website being used. Some tools may be able to generate a basic description, for example, of a Product Marketing Manager or Product Manager, in just a few minutes. Others may require more time and input from the employer to produce a high-quality result.

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