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How To Increase Productivity

How To Increase Productivity

Today, it seems that working hard is not enough to get what you want. In addition to hard work, you need to be smarter if you want to gain more favourable results. You need to be personally productive every minute of your life to actually achieve something significant.

What Does Being Productive Mean?

Personal productivity is one’s ability to carry out tasks on time with quality results. A person’s productivity level may vary for different tasks. A high level of productivity can be attained not just through hard work but with planning and organisation as well. A deficiency in any of these three elements is likely to result in a low personal productivity level.

If you are in the workforce, improving your productivity level can get you noticed by your boss. If you are a student, it allows you to save your free time for more leisurely activities. Completing tasks on time also prevents you from feeling overly stressed out due to procrastination or putting off tasks as they come.

Tips On How To Increase Productivity

Here are our productivity increasing tips:

  1. Create A List Of Tasks You Need To Accomplish Each Day

Don’t try to do a lot of things that you can’t handle in a day. What you should do is evenly divide your tasks with the amount of time that you have. Once you’ve finished with the tasks you’ve lined up for one day, you can start to relax. You can also work on another task if you’ve finished early. Just make sure that you’re not stressing yourself on doing what is beyond necessary. Otherwise, you might not get quality results. Sure, quantity is great but work quality will always be more impressive.

  1. Have A Break

Taking short breaks as you work is an effective way of easing boredom and work distractions. Take at least a 5-minute rest for every 45-60 minutes of work. However, avoid doing things that are very much unrelated to your work. Activities like surfing the net or checking your email are distracting and might cause you to take a break longer than five minutes.

  1. Work On The Difficult Tasks First

In order to defeat procrastination, you need to learn how to deal with the most unpleasant tasks first instead of delaying it. This will most likely start a very productive day. In addition, everyone has their peak time of productivity. Typically, people are most productive during the early parts of the day. So, you need to identify when you are most productive and do the more important tasks during those times. You can work on the easier tasks during your ‘off-peak’ hours.

  1. Have A Healthy Lifestyle

Getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods and proper exercise provide all the nutrients you need to have a healthy mind and body. Having a healthy lifestyle will help you become a very productive individual.

  1. Keep A Daily Notepad To Record Your Ideas

Have you ever had a great idea that has been lost just because you have nothing to write them on? Today, most people use electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops to record their ideas. However, using pen and paper makes it easier to draw ideas than on the notepad applications of your electronic devices. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about your battery getting low or accidentally deleting your notes if you write them down on paper.

Carrying a notepad is one thing and actually writing down something on that notepad is another. Every time you feel like making notes or when you think you have stumbled upon something important, make it a point to write it down on paper.

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