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Naked Cleaner Required!

Naked Cleaner Required!

A few weeks back, you might have seen in the news that a cleaning company was advertising for a women cleaner, who was prepared to work naked.

The company, Nudist Cleaners, as the name suggests, specialises in providing nudist cleaners. The job advert in question was advertising for a role which paid up-to £65 an hour! The company admits that most of their clients are male, with female cleaners being requested in particular.

From a legal perspective, the company might be in hot waters, advertising only for women cleaners. The company would likely argue that the don’t such high demand for male cleaners, so only require female cleaners. Whether this contravenes discrimination laws would be up for the courts to decide as there are certain instances where you can discriminate against gender where there is a valid reason.

When recruiting, unless you have a valid reason for employing a certain gender, make sure your job advert does not show biased towards either gender.

The dress code, as it is made clear up front though, and provided it is applied equally to both male and female cleaners, is unlikely to get them into trouble.

Would you want to work naked for such a high hourly rate, which could equate to a salary in the region of £100,000 – £130,000 a year, a figure which most could only dream of?

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