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Job Board Advertising

Why choose one job site to post your job on when you can use them all? Hiring People gives you access to more than 100 job boards for 28 days, all for one flat fee. You’ll also have access to our wide range of online recruitment resources for employers to help you make the most of our services.

  • Advertise on over 100 job boards
  • 28 day campaigns
  • Choose your package
  • Any job, industry and location
  • We optimise advert
  • Share across social networks
£199 or less
1Price per advert: £195

Total price



Select the package and buy multiple adverts to receive further discount.

Our Job Advertising Packages

Indeed Sponsored
Google Jobs
LinkedIn Jobs
Guardian Jobs
Industry boards
CV Targeting*
many more
Job Advert Package + Flat Fee Recruitment Services
CV Filtering
Video Interviewing
Interview Scheduling


This service is suitable for roles which are likely to receive a high volume of suitable applications such as Junior Administrators or Warehouse Operatives.


In terms of producing suitable candidates for mid to senior level roles, LinkedIn is our top-performing platform. The Guardian, although a generalist board, shows exceptional performance in sourcing candidates for roles in Education, Media, Charity, Public Sector, and academia. Totaljobs is one of our highest-performing sites in terms of candidate volume.


We would recommend this service to anyone looking to advertise a work from home or fully remote position.  The sites included allow us to advertise in any of the 4 nations, or the UK as a whole, ensuring that you reach the widest possible audience.


Our branded advertisements yielded 1.5 times the proportion of relevant CVs compared to unbranded ones. This service is particularly beneficial for companies that have a strong brand, positive local reputation, or offer unique features that would attract your ideal job seeker.

Your advertisement will be written in the first-person perspective for all platforms, and will also feature your logo on Reed, Totaljobs, Jobsite, LinkedIn, CV Library and many subsidiary sites


If you want to ensure that you find the most exceptional talent in the market, our Resourcing service is the right choice. It is particularly suitable for hard-to-fill or niche positions. This service includes a Corporate job advertising package as well as targeted outreach to potential candidates from our extensive database of 12 million CVs and 20 million LinkedIn profiles. We identify qualified candidates and invite them to apply for the job. If you prefer the branded solution with CV targeting, you can request it by email or phone call once the advertisement has been purchased.

Sectors We Operate In

Hiring People provide job advertising to all sectors:

  • Accounting
  • Agriculture
  • Customer Service
  • Hospitality
  • Finance, Banking And Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • SEO and Digital Marketing
  • Research And Data Analytics
  • Account Management
  • Human Resources
  • Sales
  • Charity And Public Sector
  • And many more

As you can see, we have the expertise and experience to support companies and employers from any industry.

By staying on top of emerging industry trends, we always know what talented job candidates in your niche are looking for in job adverts.

The result is a top-quality service for our clients. Whatever country or niche you operate in, we can help you hire the right staff to help your organisation achieve its goals.

A Breakdown Of Our Online Recruitment Services

Our professional employment experts are deeply dedicated to giving you the best possible services, developing brands and growing organisations throughout the corporate landscape.

We work with all the leading job boards in the recruitment world; read on below to see where your adverts are placed and how the process works

How to Advertise a Job

Place Advert

  • Select a package that suits your needs
  • Upload your job advert and make payment: it doesn't have to be perfect, because our team are experts in job advert content creation
  • Once your order is placed, we'll optimise your advert and include relevant keywords
  • You'll have the chance to review and approve the advert before it goes live
  • We post your advert across the internet and on popular online advertising platforms for you
  • Receive CVs by email and through our online portal to instantly see who's applying for your role
  • Throughout the process, we provide support to help you identify and connect with the perfect potential employees for your company
  • You engage with candidates throughout the process and discuss their needs and skills to work out if they're worth collaborating with further
  • Once you've found candidates with strong knowledge of your industry, you can set up interviews and start the hiring process

Filter CVs


Filter CVs

  • Receive CVs by email and through our online portal to instantly see who's applying for your role
  • Throughout the process, we provide support to help you identify and connect with the perfect potential employees for your company
  • You engage with candidates throughout the process and discuss their needs and skills to work out if they're worth collaborating with further
  • Once you've found candidates with strong knowledge of your industry, you can set up interviews and start the hiring process

Recruit Candidates

  • With our service, you can recruit multiple candidates for each position
  • When you work with Hiring People, there are no extra costs or agency fees if you choose to take on more than one new employee for each role
  • With our job advertising services, you can build your talent pool and grow your team and organisation
  • Build your company brand and get it noticed by talented candidates from across a range of job boards
Why Post A Job On Multiple Job Boards?

Posting on multiple job boards is a useful way to make the most of your advert. After you’ve taken all the time to write your ad and choose a platform, you might think it’s enough to post a job on one board. This might seem like a cheaper and simpler approach to advertising jobs online, but using multiple job boards can give you the chance to spread the word further and attract a wider range of applicants for your role.

When you advertise a job online, you need to remember that your post won’t necessarily get clicked on the first time a potential applicant scrolls past it. Posting a job on multiple job boards increases your chance of getting noticed and also allows you to improve your chances of finding more suitable candidates to interview.

By using Hiring People’s job posting service, you can save time and get your job post noticed by thousands of candidates across multiple job boards. You won’t need to put in any extra work, and can sit back and relax as we post your advert on all relevant job boards.

Why choose Hiring People?

Reach 11 Million Job Seekers

When you're looking for new employees, you need to make sure that your job advert is seen by the right people. With Hiring People you can target the perfect candidates for your role and get your advert noticed. We offer a cutting-edge service with access to premium job boards to allow you to easily manage your applications and find the right team members for your organisation.

Save Thousands on Recruitment

Advertising your job across leading digital recruitment platforms can cost thousands if you approach each site individually. Hiring People can potentially save you thousands on recruitment and give you the highest possible standard of service, so that you get the employees you need without exceeding your budget.

Recruit Multiple Candidates

With each job ad you place with us, you can hire as many candidates as you need. We don't charge per candidate: instead, our fees are transparent and set, so you can rest assured you're paying the best possible price when you work with Hiring People.

87% Client Retention

As a testimony to our level of excellence, we have an 87% client retention rate. Thanks to our innovative approach and high success rate, Hiring People works with the same businesses, employers and recruitment agencies time and time again. They come back to us for their latest hiring projects because they know they can get great support and an affordable recruitment service. Whether you're looking for management level team members, freelance staff to work with you for a limited period, full-time staff or even part time employees, we can help.

Free Recruitment Software

Placing a job ad using our service comes with a flat fee, but as part of that you get free access to our cutting-edge recruitment software. Our platform allows you to easily search job applications and develop a process that saves you time and allows you to attract the best talent in your niche.

Free Online Recruitment Resources For SMEs

As well as our online job board advertising service, Hiring People also offers a range of resources for every employer.

These informative resources are free to view on our website, so that you can see the quality of our services and our team’s extensive recruitment expertise before you commit to using our services.

Our resources can help you fill your vacancies and learn more about sourcing the best employees on the market.

Some of our free recruitment resources for employers include:

“We’re a website selling gifts and during the run up to Christmas we need a lot of staff to help us through our busy period. Hiring People provide us with an excellent service, advertising our jobs for us across a number of websites. CV’s come through almost instantly and their ATS (Applicant Tracking System) helps us keep track of all the applicants in an organised way. It’s really useful, easy to use and cuts out a lot of admin. Their fees are highly competitive and I love the staff who are always so happy to help!”

Find Me A Gift

“Working with Hiring People offered a unique approach to recruitment. We managed to recruit multiple candidates and now have a network of talent to approach for future recruitment needs.”

Marriot International

“Hiring People have provided Volvo Cars with an excellent, helpful, professional and efficient service. Their services are cost effective given the vast range of recruitment job boards that they use. Only the best suited CVs are shared, thus saving us time trawling through candidates.”


“A few months ago we were referred to Hiring People. As a charity, we are always looking for solutions which will save us money and still give us what we need. Since working with Hiring People we have not only managed to reduce our recruitment costs, we have saved time reviewing applicants and increased quality of people we are recruiting. We find the platform really easy to use and great for tracking applications.”

Royal Society for Blind Children
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