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How to Advertise a Job on Facebook
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Facebook helps 200 million small businesses globally speak to a wide and diverse audience through business profile pages and ads. Facebook has 55.8 million UK members and is available in 156 of 167 countries. It remains the most popular social network across all age groups and, combined with its subsidiary WhatsApp has the highest use among 26-35-year-olds. Facebook helps connect businesses with candidates through Facebook Job Posts which appear in the new Facebook Jobs Bookmark or on Marketplace.

Facebook job adverts

Facebook job adverts are for any small to large business operating locally, nationally, or internationally. Companies can post jobs for free or promote/boost the position as an advert, with costs depending on ad duration and the target market or a pay-per-click model with a set daily budget.

Benefits of advertising on Facebook

The benefits of advertising on Facebook include free job posting on the Facebook public job board. Businesses can target individuals who are not actively searching or visiting job boards and job sites and connect with a broader audience. This is particularly useful when roles are tough to fill or when there is a competitive job market.

Companies can make job listings visible on Messenger and Instagram or choose the Event Ad posting option when advertising is for a job fair. It is straightforward for candidates to apply with their profile details automatically filled out. Businesses can track and review applicants, contact applicants, and schedule interviews through Facebook Messenger.

Steps to post jobs on Facebook

If you want to hire staff through Facebook, follow these four steps:

  1. Log in to your business’s Facebook page
  2. On the Home tab, click Create Post and then Job
  3. Enter your job details, including job title, locations, job type, job description, salary range (optional), and screening questions (optional)
  4. Click Post to publish your job ad and Boost Job to promote it
  • Type: General Job Board

  • Jobs Advertised: 1,000,000

  • Number of users: 2.93 billion monthly

  • Number of active users: 1.96 billion daily
  • Prices:
    • Job posts: Free

    • Further pricing options: Cost-per-click


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