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Advertising on JobisJob
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JobisJob gives recruiters a headstart by making it easy for you to find the perfect candidate for the job. The aggregator job site collects listings from across various job boards and organises them to put your job advert in front of the most relevant people. As part of Adevinta Spain, the JobisJob site is part of a leading digital marketplace and one of the countries leading companies in the technology sector. It has more than 18 million users across various sectors, including employment.

JobisJob adverts

The JobisJob ad listing process is quick and easy, and you can post a job ad within minutes. Your listing will appear in premium positioning for all job searches related to the role allowing you to increase visibility and your corporate brand awareness.

Ad Prices on JobisJob

The pricing structure on this aggregator job site gives you a discount, which increases the more ads you place. Two job ads cost £50, and the discount lets you post 15 ads for just £250, making this an excellent value job site if you need to advertise multiple jobs. You can post jobs when you want; your ads don’t expire. High visibility for your ad is included for the first 30 days, and your ad is live the instant you post it. Related job searches from users will see your ad in a premium position, giving you the best access to the right candidates.

Benefits of advertising on JobisJob

Increase job ad visibility and reach The JobisJob site is easy to use and has a considerable reach when it comes to job seekers. Your ad can go live within minutes, so you will receive applications quickly. CVs arrive directly into your inbox, allowing you to filter applicants instantly. With bespoke solutions for large enterprises and job boards, you can drive traffic to your website and increase your visibility. These services are tailored to your business and recruitment needs, so you will have a recruitment solution that gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t. Mobile Advertising The mobile version of the JobisJob website is designed to make browsing job ads as easy as possible. Applications can conduct specific searches, apply for jobs, and reply to messages all through the mobile app.

  • Type: Aggregator Job Board

  • Jobs Advertised: 1.5 million

  • Number of users: 18 million users across sectors

  • Prices:
    • 2 Job Adverts: £50

    • 5 Job Adverts: £100

    • 15 Job Adverts: £250

    • Variety of supplementary services offered at various prices


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