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Advertising on Jobrapido
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The world’s leading online job search engine, Jobrapido, was established in 2006 and is part of Symphony Technology Group (STG). The Milan-based company operates in 58 countries and sends out more than 7 million job alerts each day. Jobrapido receives more than 55 million unique visitors and lists 25 million jobs monthly. Jobrapido aims to help you find better candidates for less money and in a shorter amount of time.

Jobrapido adverts

You can post your job advert by visiting Basic The Basic job advert is a 30-day listing that will reach candidates on their desktop and mobile devices. Your post receives premium placement on the search engine results page. Pack of 2 Purchasing a pack of two job adverts rewards you with a 10% discount. Your listing enjoys the same benefits as a Basic job advert. Hiring Campaign Recruiters can arrange to sponsor jobs fueled by a set budget. These listings not only receive excellent visibility on the search results page but are driven by pay-per-click performance.

Benefits of advertising on Jobrapido

Jobrapido works with companies of all sizes, including large corporate clients who need a continual supply of candidates, such as restaurants, shops, and call centre businesses. Customers have access to solutions to launch tailored integrated campaigns within 48 hours. Jobrapido utilises Smart Intuition Technology to ensure placements are filled quickly. The technology analyses your job profiles to find the right candidates through search and match methodology within their behavioural-profiled community, followed by Google, Yahoo, Bing, and social recruiting.

Jobrapido’s Smart Programmatic Recruitment

Smart Programmatic Recruitment is Jobrapido’s platform, and this continuously learns each user’s activity to match candidates with the most relevant vacancies automatically. Job seekers experience a personalised experience, and recruiters get to engage with the best targeted candidates. The candidate matching software will help you reduce your cost-to-hire.

  • Type: Aggregator Job Board

  • Jobs Advertised: 25 million, monthly

  • Number of users: 90 million

  • Prices:
    • Basic: £99.99

    • Pack of 2: £179.98

    • Hiring Campaign: Bespoke pricing


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