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Advertising on Jooble
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Founded in Ukraine in 2006, Jooble is the world’s 2nd largest job site, operating as a job search engine available in 71 countries. Jooble sends out 50 million emails each month, and 550,000 candidates find jobs monthly.

  • Type: Aggregator Job Board

  • Jobs Advertised: 50 million monthly

  • Number of candidates: 90 million monthly

  • Candidate Applications: 550,000 monthly



Telephone: 020 3239 2317

Jooble job adverts

There is no opportunity to post jobs directly with Jooble. Jooble works in the same manner as a search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo, but it only indexes job postings.

Recruiters can gain visibility by posting a vacancy on one of the hundreds of job sites that Jooble collaborates with. Once you post a job on another job site, you can sponsor the listing, which appears above free job posts, with a golden tag. You will need to contact Jooble directly to discuss sponsoring your job ad. Employers can manage candidate flows, only pay when a candidate clicks on their ad, and view job post analytics.

Advertisers can discuss partnerships with Jooble, including generating free organic traffic and a number of conversion or premium traffic exposure generated through a pay-per-click formula.

Finding a job on Jooble

Jooble collects vacancies from company pages, newspapers, recruitment agencies, and job boards. You can find a job through Jooble by entering the name of the job and the city you are interested in. You can filter the results using date, salary, distance, and employer name.

You will find part-time and full-time jobs, internships, and freelance roles on Jooble. When you find a vacancy you are interested in, you are redirected to the relevant company, where you can apply for the vacancy.

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