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Advertising on Marketing Week
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Established more than 40 years ago, Marketing Week is a UK website covering the latest marketing news, trends, and opinions. Within this group, Marketing Week Jobs list vacancies for PR and marketing professionals. Recruiters can connect with candidates in all career stages, from graduate and trainee to manager and director.

Marketing Week job adverts

Standard Listing Your job listing appears for 28 days on the Marketing Week Jobs website. Your vacancy is also listed on MAD Jobs and is included in the job alert email. Premium Job Your job advert receives greater exposure, appearing in relevant search results, with styling choices. The listing is prioritised in job alert emails. Top Job This option keeps your listing at the top of your specific sector’s search results, with styling options. Keyword Sponsored Job A Keyword Sponsored Job guarantees that your listing will appear highlighted and at the top of search results when candidates use your keyword. Editorial Premium Job Button An exclusive branded button with animation appears on the editorial for one week. This option targets passive jobseekers. Job Of The Week A prominent animated button appears on the home page and throughout the content site. Featured Job You receive a one week logo and listing on the home page. The job title, salary, benefits, and location appear. Targeted Job Button For one week, a highly visible button with your branding appears on the search results page for specific criteria. The button links to your external website, sponsored content, or live listing. Jobs Leaderboard This is a branding opportunity that runs across the site on mobile devices and desktops for one week. Jobs Wallpaper A highly visible campaign-driven solution that is live for one week, Jobs MPU An advertising solution that drives traffic and brand awareness, appearing for one week on the home page.

Benefits of advertising vacancies on Marketing Week

All job listings that you post enjoy the Standard Listing benefits, regardless of the package you choose. You have access to an extensive candidate database and users who own the iOS mobile app. You have opportunities to advertise online and in print, and you can maximise exposure by targeting relevant job sector pages.

How to create a Marketing Week Jobs advert

You can create a recruiter account by visiting

    • Type: Niche Job Board / Marketing

    • Prices:
      • Standard Listing: £995
      • Premium Job: £1,400
      • Top Job: £1,400
      • Keyword Sponsored Job: £1,600
      • Editorial Premium Job Button: £1,995
      • Job Of The Week: £3,990
      • Featured Job: £1,500
      • Targeted Job Button: £1,800
      • Jobs Leaderboard: £3,000
      • Jobs Wallpaper: £4,000
      • Jobs MPU: £2,595

Telephone: 020 7970 4047

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