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Advertising on Totaljobs
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Totaljobs (Total Jobs UK) is the largest online job board business in the UK and one of the largest in Europe. Recruiters can advertise jobs for any industry on a mix of general and specialist job boards, providing access to more than 18 million candidates.

Totaljobs adverts

Standard and Premium Job Ads can be created for part-time, full-time, temporary, permanent, or contract jobs in just a few minutes. Recruiters have access to an Application Management System for organising and responding to candidates. Standard Job Ads allow you to create a company profile, add screening questions, and access the Totaljobs’ gender bias decoder to ensure you attract applicants from all genders. Premium Job Ads allow you to use videos and photos within your application. Branding creates 16% more relevant applications than the Standard Job Ad, and your company is 75% more likely to hire successfully than advertising on its competitor’s websites.

Benefits of advertising on Totaljobs

Totaljobs provides advertisers the following benefits:

  • Tips and free examples of job adverts
  • Advertisements are shown on Apple and Android mobile apps
  • StepMatch search technology boosts relevancy by intuitively including job titles similar to the one you are posting
  • The Jobsite partnership allows recruiters to gain exposure across both online platforms

When you advertise a vacancy on Totaljobs, you can expect 10% more applications. The company has a reputation for filling twice the number of hires compared to their closest UK competitor.

How to write a Totaljobs job advert

Creating a job advert on Totaljobs is a straightforward process. You should use a ‘suggested job title’, which you can see when you start typing. You should select a suggestion from the dropdown and avoid jargon in your title. Do not include the salary or company information in the title in an attempt to boost responses. This extra information is added in the next stage of advert creation. It helps to add an introduction to your business and the role, including tasks and responsibilities. Use bullet points to list the skills, qualifications, and experience that a successful candidate will have. You should also:

  • Describe the company benefits that will make the role more appealing to candidates, including annual leave, pensions, and company vehicles
  • Describe your company’s values and culture
  • Include the salary in the job description to boost applicant numbers by up to 20%
  • Include your location to boost responses by up to 50%

To create your job post, your will need a Totaljobs login and the Total Jobs contact number if you need assistance from a Total Jobs recruiter.

  • Type: General Job Board

  • Jobs Advertised: 270,000

  • Number of users: 300,000 daily

  • Prices:
    • New recruiter: £74 for a six-week job advert

    • Existing recruiter: £149 for a six-week job advert

    • Candidate search: £270 per month

Telephone: 0333 0145 111

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