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Advertising on Adzuna
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Adzuna launched in the UK in 2011 and has since helped millions of people find better jobs. The site connects recruiters to a wide range of candidates across various industries. Adzuna is designed to be a straightforward job site that helps employers find the right people faster.

Adzuna adverts

Posting a job ad on Adzuna is free for the first job listing. You have access to millions of candidates and smart technology narrows down the results to the people most suited to your posting. Candidates can be sent directly to your Application Tracking system and you can sponsor your ad to increase the reach. Adzuna has unique market data that helps you with the latest recruitment insights and tips to help you find the right person for the job.

Sponsored Reach on Adzuna

When you choose to sponsor your job ads you get quality candidates that have been selected to fit the criteria you need. Using this type of job ad gives you up-to-date data with newly uploaded candidates sent directly to you if they match your needs. The Pay for Performance features means you only pay when users click through and apply for your job. Branding is displayed prominently, so potential candidates can see your ad above others. You can choose from focus industries with everything from logistics jobs listings to care job ads to find people with the unique qualifications you need.

Write an Adzuna job advert

Creating a job advert on Adzuna is simple and straightforward. Job title suggestions will display as you start typing and you should choose one of the options when creating a title for your job ad. Industry jargon or confusing words should be avoided when choosing a job title. Don’t be tempted to add the salary or company information in the title in an attempt to boost responses. You can add this extra information later during the job ad listing process. When creating a job description ensure you add an introduction to your business. Include the tasks and responsibilities, skills, qualifications, and experience that an ideal candidate will have. For the best job ads you should also include:

  • Company benefits that will make your job ad stand out and attract candidates. These can include pensions, bonuses, or company vehicles
  • Company values and culture
  • Job location, adding this can boost responses by up to 50%
  • Type: Aggregator Job Board

  • Number of users: 7 million active job seekers daily

  • Monthly visits: 10 million
  • Prices:
    • Job Ad: First ad free

    • Sponsored Reach: Bespoke prices with pay per click

Telephone: 020 3637 4076

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