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Advertising on CWJobs
Questioning Techniques

CWJobs is more a specialist in the job market, focusing on tech and IT jobs, instead of being a generalised job advertiser. Everything from Analysts to Web Developers, CWJobs can find a place in the tech industry. They offer a variety of premium advertising services, as well as social media job advertising, a service not commonly offered.

If you need somebody with tech skills, CWJobs’ specialist focus can help hire the best candidate. Despite their specialised sector focus, they offer a variety of services to assist with finding and hiring the best candidate. CWJobs is UK focused.

As an employer, how do I get started with CWJobs?

You can find everything you need to begin advertising on CWJobs’ home page. Upon arrival you will find an “Advertise now” button, which will take you to their recruiter’s page.

Standard Job Advert? Premium Job Advert? What is CWJobs offering?

Standard Job Advert

The CWJobs Standard Job Advert takes advantage of their tech industry focus to get your job visible to the best candidates. Included is getting a list of recommended candidates for the position, and the ability to include company branding in your advert

Premium Job Advert

CWJobs Premium Job Advert earns it’s title. Allowing you to more thoroughly include your unique company branding into your advert, and giving your advert greater visibility, you can show candidates why they should choose to work for you. Which means empty jobs get filled!

What about Social Media Job Advertising?

When it comes to advertising a position on social media, alongside taking into consideration general good practice for writing job adverts, you also need to place your advert within circles that will have the best candidates. If you are advertising an IT position, try to place it where potential IT candidates are likely to see it.
Properly branding it can help build brand awareness. Even if someone doesn’t apply, your brand may stick with them, and increase the likelihood they will spread word of your opening.

If you need assistance with setting up branded marketing, Hiring People can help.

What if I have a vacancy that urgently needs filling?

CWJobs also offers an “Urgent Vacancy” and “Hard to fill roles” service. This is a package offering combining Premium Job Advertisement, targeted emails, social media job advertising, and CV Database access. All to help fill those critical positions.

  • Type: Specialist Job Board

  • Jobs Advertised: 9,500 tech and IT jobs

  • Number of users: Over 700,000 UK candidates, 1.1 million CVs

  • Prices:
    • Standard Job Advertising from £249

    • Premium Job Advertising for negotiable prices

    • Access to CV database from £500

    • Variety of supplementary services offered at various prices

Telephone: 0333 0145 111

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