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Advertising on Monster
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Monster is a global leader in connecting people and jobs. There are over 200,000 jobs advertised, and with various packages and products to help job ads stand out, Monster is an excellent resource for recruiters.

Advertising on Monster

When you post a 30-day Standard Job ad on Monster, you get an auto-refresh after seven days. Your ad will move to the top of the job search the next week to make sure the best candidates see it. Your job is also promoted across the most prominent social media sites for an even bigger audience.

Choosing a Power Post Job Ad on Monster with Search gives you social media promotion, a refresh after one week and two weeks, and 25 CV views for you to browse through jobseekers. The Full Service gives you a dedicated recruiter to work on your ad and narrow down candidates. You also get a direct email campaign to the people best suited to your job listing.

Monster perks

Placing a job ad on Monster gives you access to a range of extra benefits. Some of the best things about advertising on Monster include:

  • Ad distribution across mobile sites
  • Mobile-optimised job view
  • Unlimited job applicants
  • Email alerts when new CVs are added that match your criteria
  • Reusable job postings you can edit for new ads

When you advertise a vacancy on, your ad is posted across the desktop and mobile sites to put your job in front of the right candidate.

Writing a Monster job advert

Creating a job advert on Monster is simple; you select the type of ad you want to place and go through the steps to add the job information.

Your ad should be simple and straightforward. Keeping things simple will make it easier to read and helps potential candidates clearly understand the role. The recommended structure for your Monster job ad is:

  • Job Title – avoid using uncommon words; it’s best to stick to the recommended titles from the dropdown menu
  • Summary – what your business does, your company values, and what makes you stand out
  • Job role – responsibilities and main overview of the job
  • Requirements – specific skills and education required for the role
  • Benefits – include standard benefits as well as ones that make your company unique
  • Type: General Job Board

  • Jobs Advertised: 200,000

  • Registered users: 5,000,000

  • Prices:
    • First Job Ad: £89 for a 30-day job advert

    • Standard Job Ad: £130 for a 30-day job advert

    • Power Job Post Plus Search: £330 for a 30-day job advert and 25 CV searches

Telephone: 0800 781 4377

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