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Advertising on Neuvoo
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Founded in 2011, Neuvoo has over 30 million jobs advertised across more than 75 countries. Neuvoo aggregates jobs from career websites, other job boards, and staffing agencies. Neuvoo has over 75 million job seekers visit the site every month, giving you access to one of the largest candidate pools.

Advertising on Neuvoo

You can post a job ad for free on the site, but to get more reach and stand out from other ads, sponsored ads are available. Neuvoo works with over 1,000 job site partners and sends out over 50 million job alerts a day. With a focus on making it faster and easier to find the right hire for your position, Neuvoo is one of the top job sites for recruiters. A sponsored job ad attracts 10x more candidates than standard job ads. The ad will show at the top of the search results and will get 10x more clicks than other listings.

Benefits of Advertising on Neuvoo

Neuvoo helps candidates find your job listing in unique ways so that you can make better hires quickly. Listings are automatically posted to Google For Jobs giving your ad even more reach. Salary search allows candidates to narrow down listings and have even more chances to find your job ad. The Neuvoo mobile app works on iOS and Android and gives users personalised job notifications to connect people with the right job.

Writing the best job advert

You can post a job ad for free on Neuvoo, and to make it stand out among others, you will want to write the best job advert possible. Here are some of the things you should include in your job ad to make sure you find the best person for the job. Listed below is the crucial information to include on a job advert:

  • Job title. Make it clear and concise, avoiding industry jargon
  • A job description that clearly lays out the job’s responsibilities and skills
  • Qualifications required for the role
  • If the job permanent, temporary, part-time, or contract
  • Salary rate
  • Job location
  • Contact details of your company
  • Type: Aggregator Job Board

  • Jobs Advertised: 75 million job seekers

  • Prices:
    • Job Advert: Free

    • Sponsored Job Ad: Various prices

Telephone: 0845 241 9293

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