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7 Challenges Businesses Face Recruiting Staff

The main foundation of every company is the people that work for it. That is why selecting your first employees is essential to creating a business that will eventually grow and develop. In the past twenty years, however, the whole recruitment process has changed from posting your job vacancy in a newspaper to online job board advertising. That being said there are many challenges to face in the process, here are seven of them:

1. Pinpointing The Exact Channel to Attract People Through

Using a short list of suppliers has a variety of benefits. It will lead to having solid relationships with the suppliers plus enable them to have a better grasp on your particular type of business and your company specifically. That will furthermore increase the quality of applicants and shorten the recruitment process.

2. The Cost

A lot of companies work with recruitment agencies, which typically charge between 10-20 percent of salary. A lot of recruitment agencies will just advertise the job online, do an initial screen and send the candidates to you, so why not just advertise the job yourself for a few hundred pounds, instead of thousands?

3. The Time

The recruitment process can be time-consuming; creating a proper job offer, posting it on to online job boards and going through hundreds of CVs. Those are just a few of the steps, not to mention the interviews that come afterwards. It is one of the most time-consuming processes about being an employer.

4. Have To Attract The Best Talent

This is an art in itself; capable people usually have a lot of offers on the table, but scratch that for a second. You would need to make sure that the values of the person you are hiring match the ones of your company. Only then you would be certain that this is the right person to hire.

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5. Commitment of The Stakeholders in the Process

If the requirements and the goals of the sought position are similar to the goals of the stakeholders, they will certainly be committed to the process. Making sure that they are as well informed as possible will only be helpful.

6. The Hiring Process Is Your Brand

Stop focusing on the candidates for the position. Let’s change the perspective a bit.  The way you conduct your hiring process is a direct reflection of your brand. The experience of the candidate could be the determining factor as to whether or not they would want to work for you.

7. The Closing Offer

You have pinpointed the perfect candidate. That is great and you might want to make a job offer as soon as possible. Just don’t try to lowball them. Put yourself in their shoes; also adjust your offer in case the candidate has mentioned other offers they have on the table.

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