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Advertising Jobs In The Local Paper

Advertising Jobs In The Local Paper

Once upon a time, the classified section of the local newspaper was the obvious place for advertising a job. Many companies used job advertising in printed newspapers as there go-to recruitment strategy, but as the world went online, most businesses migrated to job board advertising services, leveraging flat fee recruiting strategies to reach candidates in a more affordable way.

With the demand for print ads in decline, local and national newspaper publishers went online. Employers benefited hugely with candidates able to find their job vacancies by visiting the newspaper’s website or by making a job search through job advertising aggregators, such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and AllTheTopBananas (ATTB).

However, there are still some instances where print adverts might support a company’s recruitment efforts.

Online Versus Print Job Advertisements

The big question for any company considering posting job ads, is who will see your vacancy? Answering this question may help steer you towards the right hiring solution for your circumstances.

Online Job Ads

Online ad

Creating an online job advert and posting it across job boards casts a wide net that reaches potential candidates locally, nationally, and internationally. Vacancies can appear on industry niche job boards, which can be helpful if you need to target specific or rare skills.

Print Job Ads

Print ads

Printed newspaper ads often have a limited geographical reach. However, in small cities and towns, an ad in local newspapers or trade publications can be an effective way to search for employees. A newspaper or industry magazine can also help employers who intend to promote a local hiring event (employment fair) and attract attendees.

When you post jobs in a newspaper you may also find that posting restrictions are less limiting. For example, you could choose between different ad sizes and use your budget wisely to control the advert’s placement. You could purchase a half-page or full-page ad and include creative elements such as photos. This freedom is good news for an organisation that wants to drive its branding.

A free newspaper is still a favourite with professionals who commute, offering visibility even where the internet does not reach.

Work From Home

Work from home has further transformed the workplace and with greater acceptance and adoption of remote working, location is less important, making local press less relevant. Industry and national press still remain a good idea, but can’t compete with online, with ATS software handling tasks such as gathering CVs, facilitating good candidate engagement, and managing the process in a world where the web is the place to be.

The Job Alert

While active job seekers will be making searches on job boards, some of the most valuable workers fall into the category of passive candidates.

Leveraging internet adverts, you can reach passive candidates who don’t frequent these sites regularly, but have set up job alerts. These individuals form a large portion of the talent pool, so any recruitment strategy should aim to attract their interest.

Helpful Resources For Recruiters

These resources are essential for businesses looking to advertise a vacancy:


Here we tackle the questions on newspaper ads posed by employers and candidates.

How do I advertise a vacancy in a newspaper?

You should keep your content concise and ensure the job title reflects the role and its responsibilities. Describe the duties and sell your employer brand by highlighting its mission, values, and culture.

Are there job ads in newspapers?

Job adverts still appear in newspapers, most often in the classified section.

Why do people advertise vacancies in newspapers?

The most common reason for promoting vacancies in newspapers is the organisation wants to attract candidates in their geographical location. It may be the case that the role requires local knowledge.

How are adverts usually listed in a newspaper?

Vacancies are typically found in the classified section, but depending on the publisher, this may be titled ‘help wanted’ or there may be a dedicated employment section.

Does anyone advertise vacancies in newspapers anymore?

Many companies continue to advertise in the newspaper and savvy candidates recognise this.

Who will see your newspaper listed vacancies?

If you choose a free local publication, your adverts will be viewed by local job seekers. Posting vacancies in industry publications and trade journals can help you reach qualified and highly-skilled candidates.

When does it make sense to invest in a print job ad?

Many professionals find it worth subscribing to newspapers and trade magazines related to their field. If your business wants to reach these professionals, print should not be overlooked.

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