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May Newsletter: Proven Strategies To Significantly Improve The Outcome Of Your Recruitment

May Newsletter

Do any of the following sound familiar?

I wish I could attract better quality applications, who then don’t leave? How can I attract people from other industries? I’m overwhelmed with applications, how can I screen them all without it taking ages?

In our Newsletter, we share proven strategies to improve the outcome of your recruitment significantly.

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Highlights And Key Takeaways:

  1. It is crucial to identify your target candidate and sell your company vision, culture, and benefits.
  2. Consider implementing share options to attract and retain talent.
  3. Refine your applicant pool by leveraging video-screening.

1. Identify Your Target Candidate And Sell Your Company Vision, Culture, And Benefits

Despite moving towards a candidate driven market, we still need to focus on interested candidates to entice them from their current role. To prevent yourself from being overwhelmed you should also be clear about who you are looking to attract early on within your advertising copy. 

Start by defining the specific skills, experiences, and attributes that align with your company’s needs. Develop detailed candidate personas that reflect these criteria, ensuring you understand their motivations and career aspirations. Utilise data-driven insights from previous successful hires and market research to refine your ideal candidate profile. Leverage this information across job descriptions to attract the right talent efficiently.

Once you’ve identified your target candidates, selling your company’s vision, culture, and benefits becomes paramount. Articulate a compelling vision that resonates with your potential employees’ professional goals and values. Highlight unique aspects of your company culture, such as team dynamics, growth opportunities, and work-life balance, that distinguish you from competitors. Additionally, be transparent about the tangible benefits you offer, from competitive salaries and benefits packages to professional development programs and wellness initiatives. Presenting a cohesive and attractive employer brand can engage top talent and foster long-term employee loyalty.

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2. Consider Implementing Share Options To Attract And Retain Talent  

Ever considered share options for your team? We are very excited to announce a new partnership with Vestd who have revolutionised and made employee share schemes affordable and simple. People want more than just a job, by offering share options, they get to be part of something which they can have a stake in. Most businesses have yet to leverage this tactic so you can set yourself apart and stand out as a quality employer, attracting the best talent. We’ve seen first-hand what an impact this can have.

We have partnered with Vestd in order to offer a special discount of 10% off the first 12 months when you mention Hiring People.”

Vestd has helped thousands of companies to easily set up and manage share schemes. A huge 93% of customers say that their EMI scheme has helped them to retain top talent.

For a free consultation with Rachel Krish – our dedicated Equity Consultation book here and find out more about how the Vestd platform can help you to stand out from the competition and alleviate the risk of losing candidates to other roles, or worse, potentially having to hire again if new hires don’t work out.

3. Refine Your Applicant Pool By Leveraging Video-Screening

Would you benefit from filtering 200 applications down to 30, without lifting a finger? Experience video-screening with our free trial during June. 

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