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Recruitment Tools To Improve Your Relationship With Large Organisations

Recruitment Tools To Improve Your Relationship With Large Organisations

We recently have had a technical issue with a piece of software which we use. We raised a ticket with the supplier, who, after a couple of days responded saying that they think they have fixed the issue. We responded as they had requested, letting them know that there was still an issue. We then waited 10 days, and still hadn’t heard anything back!

At this stage, we then raised another case, to try and get feedback on the status – we had specifically asked them to call us; we didn’t hear anything. We then tried calling. Significantly easier said than done; no one at the company seemed to have a phone number for the technical department which we needed (as such a large company, we spoke with members of staff who hadn’t heard of the product – not a good start!).

It was at this stage that we decided to use a really great tool called Hunter. You may recall we mentioned it in a previous blog post 11 Chrome Tools To Help You Save Time On Recruitment. Hunter allows you to find the email address of an individual from their LinkedIn profile. So off we went, onto LinkedIn, and found the VP of Services Northern Europe for the company.

Hunter successfully found their email address. Within a couple of hours of us emailing them, we had received a response (with a number of staff copied in), received multiple phone calls from the company apologising and giving us regular status updates.

What can we learn from this?

  1. Make use of the tools which you have available to you!
  2. As a business we rely on this product; without it certain processes cease to work, highlighting the vulnerability we have. Our options for changing though are limited.

At the point of writing this, the problem still hasn’t been fixed, but they are none the less actively helping us still with regular updates.

Do you have any similar experiences?

Update: 1st March 2017

Late yesterday, we received another email from the VP of Services Northern Europe asking us how things were progressing; what great customer service from them!

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