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Talent Acquisition Managers Are Failed Recruiters

Talent Acquisition Managers Are Failed Recruiters

Talent Acquisition Managers are failed recruiters who cut their teeth in the agency game and couldn’t hack it aren’t they?

Wrong. Talent Acquisition Managers are actually developing successful careers with leading corporates; something that wasn’t an obvious career path until recent years.

Since the 1990s, recruitment has witnessed seismic changes on an almost weekly basis. The tools that are available allow recruiters to drive change throughout their company and as a result, their careers are now flourishing as a result.

Organisations are recruiting Talent Managers to deliver strategies that help companies to transform their business; they are directly responsible for creating efficient processes and driving cost-savings. By recruiting the right people, they are a contributing factor to the ‘top end’.

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In order to deliver these results, Talent Managers are responsible for optimising candidate attraction and the selection processes, they leverage job advertising on social media and LinkedIn, and are creating an environment of networking and collaboration among leaders and colleagues.

They are developing innovative candidate generation techniques that enhance and strengthen their employer brand to improve the candidate onboarding experience.

Talent Managers are accountable for the management of the entire resourcing life cycle from inception, through sourcing, pre-screening, interviewing and assessments to negotiations and onboarding.

With this exposure to the business and the success they deliver, it is no surprise that recruiters are seeing their careers catapult within companies. There are countless examples of former talent managers who are now leading global HR functions; with other examples including talent managers working as account managers or becoming the top performing sales person in their respective company.

So for those who are considering a career as an in-house recruiter, the options are far and wide and the talent managers who are already on this path continue to enjoy their success.

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